Its not a piece of work! Children do homework 33 years old, mom is hospitalized for acute cerebral infarction.

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 Its not a piece of work! Children do homework 33 years old, mom is hospitalized for acute cerebral infarction.

This is not a piece! Children write homework too much, 33 year old mother hospitalized for acute cerebral infarction (source: ~)

Do you remember the word long distant and near attack recently? New interpretation: childrens homework is suitable, far away, but also a little communication, close, want to attack him is difficult. No, there was a mother who was angry with her for writing homework. Recently, a medical record that my mother accompanied her son to write the homework to the patient with cerebral infarction was completely blown up in the circle of friends. On Nov. 2, a 33-year-old mother was admitted to the Department of Neurology of Nanjing General Hospital. It seems that after myocardial infarction, the team of parents accompanying bear children to do homework has set a new high. Some parents describe their own mental journey like this: accompanying their children to do homework really has a sense of desperation.

There is a kind of cerebral infarction called to accompany children to do homework.

On the two days, a screenshot of admission record captured everyones circle of friends. The 33-year-old woman suffered from dyslexia, big tongue, clumsy right hand writing, ugly font, left radiation coronary infarction, and out-patient admission for cerebral infarction during her childrens homework on October 26.

Admission record for patients

The screenshots immediately triggered a new round of resonance and Tucao among parents. They said they were poking to the sore spot. Mothers who are willing to accompany their children to do homework are really mothers. Modern Express reporters confirmed the truth after verification, the mother is currently hospitalized in the Department of Neurology, Nanjing General Hospital, the current condition is stable, recovered 89%.

Liu Ling, deputy chief physician of Neurology Department of Nanjing General Hospital, introduced that according to the patients own statement, the requirement for her daughter is higher in peacetime. The child is in the third grade this year, and her studies are very heavy. Almost every day, her homework can not be finished until after 10 p.m. It was 10:30 p.m. on the day of the onset of the disease. The childs homework was not finished yet, but she was still lingering there. The mother was very anxious. She was also excited and began to yell at the child. Who knows, that night, mom had symptoms such as slanting, holding a pen and so on.

But the patient did not care at that time. She thought she was childish. She could recover after a few daysrest at home. On the fourth day, the symptoms did not improve. She went to the hospital and found that there was an acute cerebral infarction in her brain. Liu Ling said.

It seems that after the myocardial infarction, the parent team who accompanied the bear children to do homework has also hit a new high. How worried is it to write homework with children? Can you really cause brain infarction due to emotional agitation? Liu Ling said that there is one reason for cerebral infarction: emotional changes such as emotional excitement, nervousness and anger can cause blood pressure to rise and cause cerebral infarction.

It is understood that the patient has a family history of hypertension, usually feel very young, and did not carry out some routine physical examination, after admission on on November 30, blood pressure reached 200, has been in the critical value. Writing homework with children is a contributing factor to this mothers cerebral infarction. Liu Ling said. At present, the patients blood pressure has been lowered and his condition has recovered to 89%, but long-term medication is needed in the future.

Although many parents are in a state of collapse when they are accompanying their children to do their homework, doctors here still need to remind them that prevention of cerebral infarction should start at a young age, especially for those with familial hypertension and diabetes, they should always pay attention to their blood pressure and blood sugar. At the same time, high work pressure, unhealthy lifestyle, or the risk factors of disease are not well controlled, which will lead to the younger and more obvious cerebral infarction.

Parents who are doing homework with their children take a leisurely look.

Source: network screenshots

See these, not only sigh, Chinese parents are not good when ah! Source: Modern Express editor: Li Cong _B11284

See these, not only sigh, Chinese parents are not good when ah!