Schmidt: Zhang also needs 1 Games to restore Augustus: the more difficult it is, the more unity we need.

 Schmidt: Zhang also needs 1 Games to restore Augustus: the more difficult it is, the more unity we need.

Speaking of the game, Schmidt said: I think all of us were dissatisfied with last weekends game and disappointed. In Henan, we prepared a lot, but we were disappointed on the road. Right play is our chance to save our mistakes and make up for mistakes. I think we have a lot to improve at the offensive end. We can do better in seizing the scoring opportunities and solving the last 30 meters offense. We know that Quan Jian has some strength. They have played quite smoothly recently, especially in the last match. It is not an easy game for us. Of course, its not easy to play every game so far this season. We will try our best to win. I believe if we can do our best, we can get three points smoothly.

Augusto said: It will be a very difficult game, the opponents are very strong, we also need this victory to get the team out of the trough, so we will go all out.

Q: can you tell us about the injury situation of the team, including Zhang Xizhe, Zhang Yu and Ba camp?

Schmidt: Zhang and Zhang need another game to recover, so they didnt come to Tianjin. I hope they can catch up with the last game of the league. Bakambu has no problems to play.

Q: what is the atmosphere of the team after two consecutive defeats? What encouragement do you give to the team?

Schmidt: The atmosphere of the team is still good. I think our players have shown enough strength on the pitch even though they have not won. In the past two games, our problem is that we havent grasped the scoring opportunity, turned the advantage into the victory, and didnt take the lead in the field. At the same time, there are also problems in the process of intensive defense. So far this season we have scored a lot of goals, but there are some minor problems. Over the past few days, we have summarized the past few games. I think we still have something to commend. I hope you can continue to support our team, and we will continue to refuel and fight. The team has maintained a good mentality and a good state of mind. Although the results are not satisfactory, football is like this. Sometimes the situation is more sticky. Unfortunately, we did not win. As long as we do not give up and continue to work hard, we can get what we want.

Q: how do you view team performance decline and how do players adjust their mentality?