Guangsha team doctor: Hu Jinqiu can best drink Fortsons drink.

 Guangsha team doctor: Hu Jinqiu can best drink Fortsons drink.

CBA has strong antagonism and athletes sweat like rain. It is particularly important to quickly replenish the water and electrolytes lost by human body in the competition. Next, let the Times reporter take you to reveal who is in the vast array of buildings, who likes to do everything, and who likes to drink water.

50 bottles of water should be prepared for a match.

Liangbaikai is the designated drinking water of CBA league. Every match day, some staff will send several boxes of water to the bench early. One hour before the match, the two team doctors in Guangzhou will decompose these boxes of water in a meticulous way.

A box of cold open is 15 bottles, the team has to prepare 2 boxes, a total of 30 bottles. One box doctor will take out the marker and mark the players shirt number. We have to look at the big screen of the game. When the starting list comes out before the game, the first few players have to be prepared a little more to prevent the game from being in a hurry. Shen team doctor introduced.

Every players drinking habits are different, but the team doctor knows it well. Shen opened three bottles of cold and white into the ice bucket and said, Our big foreign aid Borosis likes to drink ice. This time we went to Greece to train and found that this is not his personal habit, but many Greeks like to drink ice water. When he came to Beijing this time, Borosis felt the cold weather and specifically told the team doctors not to need ice water, but Shen team doctor was prepared first, so that Borosis would not change his mind and make sure that he did not lose anything in the competition.

Hu Jinqiu can drink 5 bottles at the same time. Fortson is wild and likes to be bored.

Who is the best person to drink in Guangsha? Two doctors in Guangsha gave the same answer: Hu Jinyu. In fact, this is directly proportional to the consumption on the field. Shen team doctor said.

Whats interesting is that each players way of replenishment is quite different. The biggest contrast is two foreign aid. Fortson, who has long braid, is as wild as his appearance when he drinks water. He likes a dry mouth and can drink a bottle of it almost the same way. Shen team doctor said. Bolosis, a big foreign aid, likes to sip slowly. Sometimes a bottle of more than 200 milliliters of sports drinks is divided into eight drinks. It doesnt matter if it can be drunk or not.

Sun Minghui, Li Jinglong and Zhao Yanhao like to add effervescent tablets in Liangbaikai. On the one hand, they can have a better taste when drinking, and at the same time, they can supplement the loss of sodium and potassium ions.