Ye Shiwen: its exciting to get back to the stadium. I havent left the swimming pool.

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 Ye Shiwen: its exciting to get back to the stadium. I havent left the swimming pool.

Almost a year ago, Ye Shiwen chose to go to truce and study at Tsinghua University. When she talked about college life, she laughed and said that she had not fully adapted to it. She was very tired all day and could not sit down for two or three hours, but she still tried to persevere. After one days study, Ye Shiwen still insisted on training: In school all day class, but one and a half hours is reserved for training, relatively hard.

The 2018 Short Pool Swimming World Championship was held in Hangzhou. In order to compete in her hometown, after the semester, Ye Shiwen and her teammates embarked on the Australian foreign training journey. Although her skin was tanned, she was satisfied: My own training in Australia is good, and the aerobic foundation can be played well.

Although the recovery training lasted only four or five months, Ye Shiwen played well in the morning preliminary contest, especially in the 200 frogs. She was satisfied with her performance: The first 100-shot butterfly stroke was not handled properly, so the result still lagged behind my own goal. 200 frogs are satisfied with me. I hope to improve it by 1 in the evening final. Second, breaststroke has nothing to ask, go all out. The main goal is to catch up with Hangzhou.

Is it strange to get back to the competition?

Faced with this problem, Ye Shiwen smiled: I have been looking forward to the competition for a long time. Once I get to the swimming pool, I am still very excited, and slowly find my feeling back. I dont think Ive ever left this swimming pool.