The Bucks lose! The league is invincible. The East is Celtic.

 The Bucks lose! The league is invincible. The East is Celtic.

Before todays game, the NBA has only one Bucks who have lost 0 so far this season. They started a seven-game winning streak, with the winning rate being the first in the league. However, today, their winning streak stops here in the Green Army.

Obviously, the Green Army has strengthened its offense. Today, the Bucks completely exploded in the third quarter. On the contrary, the Bucksdefense did not reflect the fourth level of the League (104.1 points per game). Their outside defense allowed the Green Army to hit 43.6% of the shooting rate and hit 24 three-point shots, which was much lower than their 28.8% level this season (United). League second), with the name of a strong team.

Last seasons playoffs, the Bucks and Celtics fought seven games, and the Green Army laughed until the end. Although Ato Kunbo became a favorite MVP player this season and a series of appellations such as Eastern New King, it has proved that it is difficult for a star to defeat a team on his own ability. .

The Celtics and Bucks have been seen as the most likely champions in the Eastern Conference this season, and the Greens are still better overall in todays encounter. To defeat the green army, the Bucks must not rely solely on star players.

At the end of the game, the Bucks used the Green Armys scoring shortage to catch up a few points, which made the situation tense again, but if they did better defense in the first three quarters, it would not be so.

In the coming season, the Green Army will certainly be the Bucksmain rival, and they may even meet on the final stage of the Eastern playoffs. Maybe this defeat will give the Bucks some rewards.