Xu Jia Yu tanning self-confidence value is still narcissism after the explosion of a big goal.

 Xu Jia Yu tanning self-confidence value is still narcissism after the explosion of a big goal.

Xu Jiayu, who had just returned from Australian foreign training, turned dark and even had a skin color similar to that of Jamaican athletes. When the staff posed for a group photo, a reporter jokingly said, Can you focus on it? Xu Jiayu answered in earnest: yes. Speaking of the reason why the skin color is so dark, Xu Jiayu said with a smile, Backstroke, backstroke, I do not wear sunscreen myself, I am actually very handsome black, do not need to restrict these.

In the interview, Xu Jiayus foreign training situation naturally attracted much attention. He told reporters that he did not consult foreign teachers this time: Time is arranged by his own coach, which is relatively adequate, but also has time to relax.

After the race in Beijing, Xu Jiayu will also take part in the following sub-race in Japan and Singapore, and then go to Hangzhou to participate in the short pool swimming championship. As the host of the world championship, he naturally attaches great importance to the short pool competition. When the reporter asked about the improvement of the short pool technique in this training, he actually trained every time. They will make adjustments: we must strive for excellence and do well in every movement. No matter training or competition, you must do your best and improve yourself.

In the short pool competition, the skills of turning around, reaching the edge and underwater legs are particularly important. Xu Jiayu is very confident of his ability in this respect. He calls himself an excellent turning and an invincible underwater leg. After that, the reporters present laughed.

In this short pool World Cup, Xu Jiayu will take part in the 50-meter-up, 200-meter-up and 200-meter-up competitions. His main opponent Larkin also came to compete. Faced with his rivals, he seemed more confident: Do his best! He has won the World Cup once before, but he also won the championship. I still hope to swim out of my best results and win the championship in Hangzhou World Championship.

In December, the Short Pool World Championship will be held in Hangzhou. Xu Jiayu revealed that he will focus on the 50m backstroke and 100m backstroke. The goal is to win the championship, which is also the premise of his Canadian Grand Slam.