The police will not file a case for a minor student with a knife and chasing? Local response

 The police will not file a case for a minor student with a knife and chasing? Local response

When junior high school students who can not be expelled or filed a case pursue their classmates with knives, their families respond to the reasons for violence (Source: ~)

Recently, a video of a second-year junior high school student in Nanning being assaulted by a boy of the same age and chased with a knife has attracted the attention of many citizens. Everyone is very concerned about the boys who are involved in the fight. How is it handled? Lets see the news channel reporter.

Online video shows that on October 21, a boy in a black and white baseball uniform was punched, kicked and abused by four boys of the same age. Reporters learned that the beaters and hitters in the video are students of the second grade of Youai South Road School in Nanning City. The reason why all the martial arts will be staged is because the two sides have had a verbal Festival. After the video was transmitted on the Internet, the school where the students were working and the police in the jurisdiction intervened in the investigation on the morning of the 22nd.

But before long, there was an online message that Li Mou, one of the assailants, chased Xiao Zheng with a knife on the afternoon of the 22nd. Faced with this situation, the school said it could not be dismissed, and the police did not file a case.

This afternoon, the reporter learned from the Nanning police that the police of the district police station had filed an investigation into the incident after they received the report on the 21st.

Lin Guoxian, deputy director of Tangshan Police Station of Xixiangtang Branch of Nanning Public Security Bureau: After our investigation in recent days, it was found that a group of junior high school students were fighting and fighting. The beaten students, accompanied by their parents and teachers, went to the hospital for a comprehensive inspection, and the injury was not serious; after the mediation of parents of both sides, he was able to make a comprehensive inspection. They reached a negotiation mediation and made a mediation letter. The parents who beat the students made appropriate financial compensation.

Director Lin told reporters that after they asked Li Mojun, they learned that on the afternoon of the 22nd, Li Mojun did have a knife about 1.5 meters long on his body, but did not chase Xiaozheng. After the incident, Li Moujun did not go home, but was hiding in the Internet cafes and hotels in Wan Xiu village. Eventually, under the mobilization of the police, Li Moujuns father rushed back from the field and found Li Moujun. But for Li Moujun, the family was helpless and anxious.

Li Mojuns uncle: Maybe my brother did not have much intimate contact with him, after all, he was divorced, and did not have much time to educate him; he used to live with me well, this year he lived with my brother, he did not have much care, and I did not have much time to educate him in the past, which has caused this situation now. Come out. Now if I take him back, I will strengthen his care and education, and not let him go in such a wrong direction.

The news girl wanted to say:

I believe everyone is the same as us.

News of juveniles breaking the law is often seen.

Are all very anxious.

On the one hand, they are angry and lawless.


But on the other hand, he knew his native family status.

A lot of pity was generated.

But anyway

We need to receive punishment and education.

And the guardian of the minors.

We should also shoulder responsibilities.

Conscientiously fulfill the duties of guardians.

Never use busy or unable to manage as an excuse.

I hope Xiao Li can be in family and school.

With the help of society, we should return to the right path.

Junior high school students with knives and chasing students: schools can not be expelled from the police and can not be placed on file.

A boy of grade two in Nanning, not only beat around, catch a knife to catch up with his classmates, but also call himself boss often offences. The media said that the school could not fire him, and the police could not file the case.