Heavy equipment, light manpower? German media: China eye 100 thousand annual salary is hard to find talent

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 Heavy equipment, light manpower? German media: China eye 100 thousand annual salary is hard to find talent

Reference News Network (CNN) Moral Media said on November 2 that the FAST Radio Astronomical Telescope in China, known as the Eye of Heaven, has been in trial operation for less than two years and has produced many important scientific research and observation results. Now, telescopes in remote mountainous areas have encountered difficulties in recruiting. The responsible person sighed bitterness for this, causing the heated debate of Chinese media and netizens.

According to the website of Voice of Germany on Nov. 1, Sci-tech Daily published an article entitled Chinas Eye of Heaven on its front page on Oct. 29, describing the difficulties in recruiting FAST, the worlds largest radio astronomical telescope, which has just been built and is located deep in the mountains of Guizhou Province. .

Zhang Shuxin, Director of FAST Office of the National Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, was quoted as saying that the recruitment situation of telescope base was not ideal, and it is difficult to find resident scientific research personnel with a salary of 100,000 years. He said that FAST will be formally acceptance in the first half of 2019, after which 24-hour observation will be launched, and scientific researchers need three shifts on duty in turn, while the existing resident staff only has more than 20 people, who are stretched out.

According to the FAST Project Guizhou Talents Recruitment Notice published on October 29 on the website of the National Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the total number of recruiters in this round is 24, including observation, data processing, software development, communication maintenance and other scientific research, operation and maintenance, engineering posts, many of which require masters degree or above. According to the job description, the research personnel in Guizhou should be able to work in the field for a long time, with good English proficiency, and some posts also need to be competent for night work.

The announcement also emphasized that the post of this recruitment is talent dispatch system, qualified and outstanding performers can be considered into career preparation. According to Zhang Shuxin, the director of the office, told Sci-tech Daily, As for salary, salary plus resident allowance can reach about 100,000 per year.

Reported that the recruitment announcement, as well as the recruiters head of the shortage of staff complaints, triggered a great response on Chinas social media platform. Some netizens in the scientific research circle posted advertisements for similar postgraduate and doctoral degrees from other universities or enterprises, pointing out that it is common for them to start with an annual salary of 150,000 RMB, and other benefits are also rejected by FAST Street. If you want to devote yourself to scientific research, there are more than 100,000 dispatched jobs in the north. Why go to the ditch? Others have compared FAST with similar telescope bases in the world, pointing out that the average annual salary of FAST is more than $50,000.

Science and Technology Daily also pointed out in the report that the telescope has a remote location and harsh conditions. Normally, scientific researchers can only return home after half a month of residence and live separately from their families for a long time. Moreover, after FAST acceptance, the work is not as challenging as the construction and debugging periods, and may be more boring. There are also scientific researchers who analyze that FASTs residential work may be more like a cold stool for young people, and it is difficult to achieve great scientific research results in the short term. After all, people have their own aspirations. Many people hope to find a good job and earn more money after graduation from university. Subsequently, the report turned around and quoted Zhang Shuxin, director of FAST office, as saying: It is impossible to achieve results in scientific research without certain precipitation, and scientific research can not be carried out in a hurry for quick success and instant benefit. At the end of the article, Science and Technology Daily also emphasized that a group of dreamers who are active in astronomical research at home and abroad live in the telescope station. In a few years, a batch of world-class scientific research achievements may be born from FAST. At present, what FAST needs most is a down-to-earth and starry sky you.

Others in the industry pointed out on the social network platform that the FAST Telescope Project in China, known as Tian Eye, has achieved remarkable scientific results during its trial operation. Its cost is as high as 667 million yuan, and the local tourism and incidental income is as high as 4.6 billion yuan per year. And the recruitment of 24 people, if the annual salary of 100 thousand per person, the annual salary is 2 million 400 thousand yuan. Critics of the industry point out that this shows that Chinas scientific research sector has long been heavy equipment and manpower.

Xinhua News Agency also reprinted a comment written by Qianjiang Evening News, pointing out that although scientific research can not be done in a hurry for quick success and instant benefit, and can not always look to money, but to give scientific researchers a decent life, a salary that reflects their value, I am afraid it is also a real problem that units like FAST must solve in the future. It is understandable even if the salary is somewhat tilted. Seeing the distant stars from the sky, we should also see the deficiencies in the construction of our own scientific research personnel.

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