Russian media: US demand for Chinese babysitters soared to facilitate children learning Chinese

 Russian media: US demand for Chinese babysitters soared to facilitate children learning Chinese

Reference News Network reported on November 2 that Russian media said that China was regarded as a promising market by American society, and mastering Chinese was still an important capital for future success, an indirect example of which was the surge in demand for Chinese nannies.

According to Russian Satellite Network on October 30, Russian Businessman reporter Mikhail Korostykov pointed out that Chinese is the second largest foreign language in the United States after Spanish. Americans value oral English and Chinese characters more, and are not lagging behind the main trend of world economic development.

Mikhail said that Chinese is becoming more and more popular among wealthy white families in the United States, and it has become a new trend. Being able to speak Chinese has become a symbol of wealth and identity. Now many Americans hope that their children will not lag behind the trend of the times and begin to learn a language most needed by the world economy. Many American parents plan to let their children learn Chinese from an early age, send them to schools where Chinese is a key foreign language, or hire nannies who speak Mandarin.

He said that the Yi Wan card effect is one of the reasons why Americans are very fond of hiring Chinese nannies. President Trumps daughter, Ivanka, said that her daughter, Arabella, learned Chinese from a Chinese nanny hired 16 months ago. Ivanka and her daughters became symbols of Chinas new culture: learning Chinese is both practical and respectable. In addition, Mark Zuckerberg, president of Facebook, who married a Chinese girl, also knows Chinese, hired a Chinese nanny for his children, and the children of Amazon President Jeff Bezos took Chinese lessons. George, the third successor to the British throne, also began to learn Chinese.

Mikhail said that Chinese nannies are not new to the United States. In the past, Chinese people employed Chinese nannies. Their children could speak Chinese and English fluently. About a decade ago, financiers who were optimistic about Chinas economic growth also employed Chinese nannies. Now the market has changed. In New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, Chinese nannies are no longer employed by Chinese families, but by wealthy white Americans.

He said that China remained the largest trading partner of the United States and that doing business required American negotiators to be proficient in each others language. So by learning Chinese, American parents are preparing their children for the future economy - China and its businesses will ensure that Americans get high-paying jobs.

The source of this article: Reference News Editor: Ji Ke _b6492