The first round of inspections rectification announced 8 provinces named 27 tiger

 The first round of inspections rectification announced 8 provinces named 27 tiger

From February to May this year, the nineteenth Central Committee made the first round of inspections to Hebei, Shanxi, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Fujian, Shandong, Henan, Hunan, Guangdong, Hainan, Sichuan, Guizhou, Ningxia, the Ministry of Housing and Urban and Rural Construction, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the General Administration of Customs, the State General Administration of Sports, the former State Food and Drugs. The 30 Party organizations, such as the General Administration of supervision and administration, the State Statistics Bureau, and so on, carry out regular inspections. On July 22 and 26, the website of the State Supervisory Commission of the Central Discipline Commission published two batches of feedback from the first round of inspections of the 19th Central Committee.

What are the highlights of the current inspection rectification list?

[one vote veto

National Bureau of statistics relieved two division cadres

The Central Inspection Group always pays attention to finding and identifying problems politically and finding out the root causes of problems ideologically and politically, which embodies a clear political orientation. A distinct feature of the first round of inspection is to put supervision, inspection, study and implementation of Xi Jinpings socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era and the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Party in the first place. A comprehensive political examination is conducted for Party organizations and Party members and cadres. There are temperature differences, drop differences and deviations in all 30 places and units inspected. And so on.

In view of the relevant issues, Hainan organized a thematic study and discussion, seriously absorbing the historical lessons of the real estate bubble that Hainan once witnessed and the soaring housing prices at the initial stage of international tourism island construction. We will conscientiously rectify the disorder of reclamation and land reclamation, investigate and punish 34 cases of illegal acts of reclamation and impose penalties amounting to more than 300 million yuan. We will resolutely curb speculation in real estate speculation and strictly implement policies such as global restrictions on purchases. Sales of commercial housing in the province declined steadily from January to July.

In response to the central inspection pointed out that poor leadership is not strong enough to fight against poverty, the Hainan Provincial Party Committee launched a series of rectification measures: 29 provincial leaders designated to help 29 deep poverty villages, comprehensively established a five-level fighting system from provincial to natural villages, replaced 45 Township and village Party organization secretaries, and investigated 396 poverty alleviation problems.

As for the problem of insufficient efforts to combat illegal fund-raising, the Jiangsu Provincial Committee has proposed to establish a three-level working mechanism at the provincial, municipal and county levels, set up special working classes at the county level, and track and dispose of each risk point until the completion of the case. Nanjing has also strengthened the investigation and prosecution of Qianbao Department cases, sorting out the old cases of illegal fund-raising and investigating and handling cases in an all-round way. Since July 13th, 57 cases of illegal fund-raising have been co sponsored and 128 suspects have been arrested.

For politically unqualified cadres, the State Statistical Bureau has strictly checked and vetoed by one vote two cadres at the Department (office) level have been removed. At the same time, the State Statistical Bureau shall strictly examine and verify cadres who have been criticized, educated, admonished or punished by Party discipline and government affairs and who have just been promoted and used in the period of influence, and do a good job of explaining and explaining them.


8 provinces draw 27 tiger lessons

Since the 18th National Congress, the central government has vigorously fought against corruption and reshaped the political ecology, but some of the inspected places and units have not thoroughly cleared the impact of major corruption cases.

In response, many provinces have taken special rectification measures, such as warning education, strengthening ideological and political education, and a total of 27 tigers have been mentioned.

For example, Liaoning is trying to eliminate the bad influence of Bo Xilai and Wang Min and restore political ecology.

Fujian has analyzed the case data of violation of discipline and law in Sushulin and Xugang, learned profound lessons, and tightened the anti-corrosion and anti-alteration defense line at all times.

The Standing Committee of Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee inspects the special democratic life meeting on rectification and reform. Each Standing Committee of Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee conducts in-depth investigation, reflection, criticism and self-criticism on corruption cases such as Tian Han and Sui Han Gai.

The General Office of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee organized special life meetings for eliminating the adverse effects of Zhao Shaolin and Li Yunfeng. The Nanjing Municipal Party Committee incorporated further eliminating the adverse effects of Yang and Ji into the five-year plan of inspection work.

Sichuan made the decision of provincial Party committee to thoroughly eliminate the influence of Zhou Yongkangs poisoning and continuously purify Sichuans political ecology. In important meetings, important documents and major deployments, Chengdu Municipal Party Committee systematically analyzed the serious harm of Zhou Yongkangs and Li Chunchengs cases.

From the provincial Party committee, Hebei has held a special democratic life meeting on inspection and rectification, issued a circular on thoroughly eliminating the adverse effects of Zhou Benshun, Liang Bin, Jing Chunhua, Zhang Yue, Yang Chongyong and Zhang Jiehui on the continuous purification of political ecology, and carried out political warning education Looking back.

The Guangdong Provincial Party Committee looks back on the handling of the cadres under the provincial administration involved in Li Jias and Wan Qingliangs cases.

The Shandong Provincial Committee regards the thorough elimination of Sun Zhengcai and the bad influence of the plan as concrete actions of two safeguards. It digs deep into the clues of feedback from the central inspection and makes specific arrangements for the overall elimination of Sun Zhengcai and the planned drug abuse.

[privilege thought

The first round of inspections found that the phenomenon of privileged thoughts and privileges is more prominent in some leading cadres.

In this regard, Jiangsu Province has completely stopped the use of the provincial special number plates for official vehicles since September 1, seriously investigated and dealt with the issue of one vehicle, two license plates for official vehicles, and completely cancelled the borrowed license plates for official vehicles. In view of the problem of privileges for some leading cadres, the Nanjing Municipal Committee has promulgated relevant regulations and measures to strictly implement the system of one car, one gear and one member, one gear.

Liaoning Province has carried out a special rectification of the privileged car problem for nearly five months. All the Liao A09 plates have been withdrawn, and all borrowed section plates have been withdrawn within a time limit and stopped using. Heilongjiang Province has also carried out a comprehensive clean-up of illegal official vehicles used by leading cadres at all levels in the province, and recovered all special vehicle license plates.

China Nuclear Industry Group (CNIC) ordered 14 employees of its headquarters Department who participated in the allocation of special bonuses to be paid back in full, and revised the management measures for special bonuses to strictly prohibit employees of its headquarters Department from participating in the allocation of special bonuses to member units. Next, we will carry out in-depth rectification of privileged ideas and phenomena in the light of headquarters style construction.

Jiangsu Provincial Committee also indicated in the rectification notice that it should continue to clean up and rectify the housing of leading cadres in accordance with relevant requirements, and study and formulate regulations for the management and use of swing housing, and strengthen long-term supervision.


Hainan has removed 6 deputy secretaries general of the provincial government.

Inbreeding, promotion, buying and selling, promotion and promotion. In the first round of inspections, the selection and employment of people in 30 places and units generally exist.

For the lack of in-depth rectification of the inbreeding problem in the previous round of inspection feedback, the State General Administration of Sports has carefully checked the work of spouses, children and children of leading cadres in the General Administration system, and established a working table account for the rectification of inbreeding. At the same time, the relevant measures should be revised to clarify that spouses, children and children of cadres at the bureau level of the General Administration shall not, in principle, be admitted to the units directly under the General Administration for open recruitment, and the following cadres shall be referred to and executed.

The inspection group pointed out that some leading cadres hold important positions in the company and the participating enterprises and China Tourism Group investigated and dealt with the relevant responsible persons and corrected the problem of some cadres are reused in the period of admonition and encouragement. At the same time, it also combs the positions of the relatives of leading cadres in the system in all sectors of the group, and calls for timely rectification.

Shandong has strengthened the examination and approval of such matters as breaking the rules of promotion, promotion and reuse of relatives of leading cadres and staff around them. We should seriously investigate and verify the falsification of individual cadresidentities, multiple job transfers, and successive breakthroughs in promotion, and seriously hold them accountable.

Hainan rectified the problem of over-appointed deputy secretaries-general of provincial government and removed six comrades from the post of deputy secretaries-general. China Nuclear Industry Group Co., Ltd. resolutely rectifies the issue of sudden promotion of cadres, removes one cadre from his present post and returns to his original rank, and demotes eight people who have gone beyond the rank and failed to be appointed to the rank.

[circle culture

Henan launched a special investigation of gang culture

In this regard, Shandong has thoroughly rectified the problems of good character, circle culture, wharf culture and so on. Deeply carry out special management work throughout the province, and timely warn the cadres concerned about the seemingly and tendentious problems; and seriously deal with the clues of related problems found through investigation and sorting out.

In resolving the idea of official standard and circle culture, Henan Province takes the five types of liquor Bureau circles of Party members and cadres as the breakthrough point, and carries out a special investigation of gang circle culture with strict Party political discipline and rules in the province. As of September 15, 260,311,000 public party members and cadres in Henan Province signed promises not to participate in small circles and not to engage in gangs, gangs and other acts, requiring Party members and leading cadres to organize or participate in card circles and balls at special democratic life meetings or organizational life meetings. Friends circle, Wine Bureau circle, alumni circle and so on, whether to take the lead to boycott and control circles culture and so on.

The Ministry of Housing and Construction urges all units to standardize the procedures for decision-making on major matters, appointment and removal of cadres, major projects and the use of large amounts of funds, so as to prevent arbitrariness and autonomy and break down the small circle.

The General Administration of Customs establishes and strictly enforces the system of working reminder for the principal persons in charge of directly affiliated units for one year and half a year, urges relevant leading cadres to perform their duties and duties strictly, and prevents the occurrence of problems such as small circles and surprise promotion and adjustment of cadres.

China Post Group Corporation has established a warning mechanism for working hours, strictly implemented the system of exchange of Leadersworking hours, and avoided the formation of circle culture of leaders working in the same place and in the same post for too long.

Fight against evil

Henan deeply dug the umbrella to transfer the judiciary to 35 people.

The special struggle against black and evil is not strong enough, the umbrella behind the black and evil forces and corruption problems are prominent... In view of the problems pointed out by the central inspection tour, several regions have been resolutely investigated and dealt with.

Shanxi Provincial Party Committee reported that a number of influential criminal cases, such as Taiyuan Ren Aijun, Gujiao Geng Jianping, Lu Liang Chen Hongzhi, Shuozhou Zhuqiang and Jincheng Cheng Youze, were investigated and punished according to law. Up to now, a total of 608 criminal gangs suspected of gangsters have been eliminated in Shanxi Province, including 40 gangsters, 201 gangsters and 367 gangsters.

Shanxi has also resolutely investigated corruption and resolutely eradicating black sheep. Discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels in the province have investigated and dealt with 708 cases of corruption, umbrella protection and dereliction of duty and responsibility, 493 people have been organized and dealt with, 357 people have been punished by Party discipline and government affairs, 57 people have been transferred to judicial organs and 127 accountable units.

By the end of September, the Provincial Discipline Inspection and supervision organs had filed a total of 9644 cases to check the unhealthy tendencies and corruption around the masses, and 9427 people had been given disciplinary sanctions for Party discipline and government affairs. In the 1-9 month, there were 4353 clues to deal with the problem of corruption related to corruption and umbrella.

Henan has made a thorough investigation of the relationship network and umbrella of the evil forces. As of September 17, the provincial disciplinary inspection and supervision organs have investigated and dealt with 114 umbrella issues, dealt with 89 people, given 79 party disciplinary and government sanctions, organized and handed over 7 people, and handed over 35 people to the judicial organs.

Hunan has deeply excavated the umbrella and dereliction of duty behind Wen Lihongs Gangland-related organizations. Eight people have been investigated and prosecuted. Thirty-five people have been punished for Party discipline and government affairs, and 25 people have been held accountable.