Beijing issued 7763 overrated electric vehicles temporary cards overdue and not fined.

 Beijing issued 7763 overrated electric vehicles temporary cards overdue and not fined.

The Beijing Municipal Traffic Administration (hereinafter referred to as the Regulations) formally implemented yesterday. Meanwhile, the Beijing Municipal Traffic Administration formally issued temporary signs for over-standard electric bicycles. According to the briefing, yesterday issued a total of 7763 temporary signs of electric bicycles throughout the day. In order to save waiting time, the traffic control Department advised the public to apply for temporary signs by Beijing Traffic Police APP by online declaration and offline collection.

Application for next card April next year

According to the Regulations, electric bicycles need to be registered and listed before they can go on the road. There is a three-year transitional period. Electric bicycles in the Beijing Electric Vehicle Product Catalogue can be registered and licensed, while over-standard vehicles not in the catalogue need to apply for temporary marks during the transitional period.

According to Beijing Traffic Administration, the application period for temporary signs of electric bicycles during the transitional period is six months. From November 1, 2018 to April 30, 2019, all owners can apply for temporary signs according to relevant procedures.

In the first few days of applying for temporary signs, the public will concentrate on processing, and many people come to make appointments, said the traffic police on the spot. As the temporary signs are issued for half a year, the public need not rush to pile up for processing, but can come back later.

Failing to apply for a temporary licence will be punished.

Traffic administration department reminds that the application for temporary logo must be made online through Beijing Traffic Police APP Application for temporary logo platform.

After online application, online declaration and offline collection need to submit their identity certificate and vehicle information, and after approval by the traffic control department, they will receive the temporary installation logo according to the appointment time and place; while booking processing and on-site application need to make an appointment for the time and place of temporary identification, after successful appointment, they will submit to the scene. Identity card and check the vehicle after receipt of temporary identification.

It is understood that Beijing has set up 223 temporary sign issuance sites, including 202 on-line declaration and off-line collection and 21 on-site application.

According to reports, after May 1, 2019, traffic control departments will impose corresponding penalties on unlicensed vehicles and vehicles without temporary markings during the transitional period.

There is no foot pedal for electric vehicles exceeding standard.

If citizens are not sure whether their vehicles belong to the compliance vehicles in the Beijing Electric Vehicle Product Catalogue, they can go to the non-motor vehicle registration station of the traffic control department for inquiry. However, the traffic control Department advises the public to make their own judgments through online channels as far as possible. Online inquiries can be made through Beijing Traffic Police APP, Beijing Traffic Police Official Wechat and Beijing Traffic Police Official Network.

In addition, the Beijing Municipal Traffic Administration has released a query platform of Licensable Electric Bicycles Query Catalogue through the official micro. After inputting the brand or model, the Beijing Municipal Traffic Administration can self-help inquire whether the vehicle belongs to the compliance vehicle in the catalogue.

It is understood that there are 1996 types of compliant electric bicycles in the Beijing Electric Vehicle Catalogue, and all the others need to receive temporary signs. The traffic control department also reminds the general public that an important criterion for judging whether a vehicle is compliant is whether the vehicle has a pedal riding condition (commonly known as pedal), if not, it must be a vehicle exceeding the standard.

Focus 2

Future or provide door-to-door service

According to the relevant regulations on temporary marking of over-standard electric vehicles in Beijing, the first step of applying for temporary signing must be carried out in Beijing Traffic Police APP. The traffic management department reminds that to save waiting time, the online mode is selected as far as possible.

Reporters at the license issuance site saw that the people who came to register the overqualified electric vehicles were not very skilled in using smart phones. For such cases, the on-site staff would help the citizens download the Beijing Traffic Police APP and help them to process it online. Gao Yunxiang, political commissar of Beijing Traffic Administrations Safety Supervision Office, said that with the reduction of handling volume in the later period, in order to meet the licensing needs of the elderly, door-to-door services may be opened in the future.

In addition, according to the administration department, it is not compulsory to apply for temporary identification of electric vehicles by myself, but by relatives and friends. If the collector receives the logo on behalf of the owner, it is necessary to keep the photo of the collector holding the owners ID number and the collectors ID card.

Focus 3

Overdue unlicensed vehicles will be temporarily suspended.

According to the requirements of Beijing Electric Bicycle Transition Registration and Traffic Management Measures, the owners of electric bicycles outside the catalogue should apply for temporary signs to the traffic management departments of public security organs before May 1, 2019. It should be noted that from May 1, 2019, the traffic control department will stop issuing temporary signs for over-standard vehicles outside the catalogue. Excessive electric bicycles without temporary signs are not allowed to travel on the road. Electric vehicles that have obtained number plates and temporary signs must also be suspended as required. Beijing Traffic Police will strictly investigate the illegal behavior of unlicensed and unlicensed electric bicycles.

Earlier, the relevant person in charge of the legal department of the Municipal Traffic Administration said in an interview that the traffic control department would impose a fine of 20 yuan on the electric vehicles whose license plates are not suspended in the catalogue, and that the traffic control department would temporarily detain and impose a fine of 1,000 yuan on the electric vehicles whose temporary signs are not applied for by the exceeding standard vehicles outside the catalogue. If the temporary logo is received, it will be fined 20 yuan.


Online application line takes the fastest 3 minutes to get the card.

Yesterday, at 9:00 a.m., reporters in Chaoyang District Yuantou District electric bicycle temporary logo issuance station saw that many citizens have pushed their own electric bicycles to apply for temporary logo. According to reports, the site can issue temporary logos for up to 40 applicants every day, and the number of applications will be postponed after reaching the ceiling.

On-site police said that if citizens choose the online application, offline collection method, to show the two-dimensional code to the scene, less than three minutes, temporary signs can be installed. If you choose appointment processing, on-site application and arrive at the processing site according to the appointment time, you need to fill in the owners name, brand type and other information on the application form, and the police input the system.

According to reports, the overall time-consuming offline processing is relatively long, and it takes about 10 minutes to operate smoothly. Therefore, the traffic control Department advises the public to choose online declaration, offline collection as far as possible.