Zhang Xianxiu apology: willing to accept punishment Korean people angry: send him to be a soldier!

 Zhang Xianxiu apology: willing to accept punishment Korean people angry: send him to be a soldier!

Zhang Xianxius apology letter reads as follows:

Hello, I am Zhang Xianxiu, a football player. First of all, many people are very disappointed with my disgraceful affair. I feel very sorry.

I am very clear about my mistakes. I have no excuse to excuse myself. I realize that I lack reflection and regret in this matter. I have 10 mouths and I cant explain it to you.

I am very sorry and guilty. I lost my honesty and reflection. I am a football player, but I am also a Korean. I am honored to be a member of the Korean National Team and to be exempted from military service (the 2014 Incheon Asian Games gold medal).

I can thank the Asian Games for supporting our fans. Football players should use their skills and time to do their best volunteer service. I am sorry that I did not fulfill this obligation correctly.

Having made such a big mistake and failed to live up to everyones high expectations, I accept any criticism from you and the Football Association. I will live with this attitude in the future and repay the fanslove for me.

Now you are very interested and enthusiastic about football. I let you down. I apologize again. In the future, I will be more self-restrained, more introspective and repentant. I hope I can become a model to remind future players that similar things will not happen again.

I am really sorry.

Zhang Xian show

November 1, 2018

Former situation review: heavy! Zhang Xianxiu was permanently expelled from the Korean national defense because of public service fraud.

The Korean Football Association announced today that it would permanently expel the Korean football team and impose a fine of 30 million won (equivalent to about 184,000 yuan) for the forgery of Korean football player and former foreign aid Zhang Xianxius exemption from military service documents. In response, the Korean people went to the official website of Tsingwatai (presidential residence) to petition for exemption from military service of Zhang Xianxius Asian Games gold medal.

Zhang Xianxiu, 27, played in the Guangzhou Super League, Fuli, and now J League Tokyo FC. In 2014 Inchon Asian Games, Zhang Xianxiu won the gold medal for mens football on behalf of South Korea, so he was exempt from military service.

According to the military service law implemented after 2015, Zhang Xianxiu needs 60 days of military training and 544 hours of volunteer activities in 34 months. However, the Korean Football Association found that there were fake contents in the exemption documents submitted by Zhang Xianxiu, so he was severely punished.

The Korean people and fans were very angry about Zhang Xianxius forgery. They went to the official website of the presidential residence of the Republic of Korea, Qingwatai, to petition for the government to deprive Zhang Xianxiu of his eligibility for exemption from military service and let him serve as a soldier.

This is not the first time that Zhang Xianxiu has been petitioned. After South Korea lost 0-1 to Sweden in the first World Cup this summer, Korean fans have asked on the official website of Tsingwatai to strictly check the taxation of IKEA, a foreign company. In Mexico, South Korea 1-2 World War II, Korean fans seized the official website of Qingwatai, demanding that Zhang Xianxiu and his family be whipped and expelled from the country.