Looking forward to Guizhous life and death war, hoping for a miracle, Fuli wants to get 3 points out of the mire.

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 Looking forward to Guizhous life and death war, hoping for a miracle, Fuli wants to get 3 points out of the mire.

[Hengfeng, Guizhou

The last home 0-3 loss to Hengda was due to strength. The three wins in the last five rounds showed Guizhous desire to win in the desperate situation. However, due to the excessive debts in the early stage, the team finally came to the present situation of backwater first battle. The good news is that Petraescus test of Fan Yunlongs front waist formation in the last game has yielded good results. If Steve enters the starting support, the teams front attack can be expected.

At the pre-match press conference, Guizhou Assistant Teacher Wally said that Fuli is not in good condition, but the teams playing style is very characteristic; the team has no way out, and must strive to win tomorrow. For captain Fan Yunlong, Valli said: he will still be in his best position.

If we win tomorrow, Guizhou will announce a two-round downgrade ahead of schedule. As for the possible outcome, Wally said, Thats why we have to maintain our belief in winning and wait for a miracle to happen.

[Guangzhou Fuli

Stojkovics team has fallen to the bottom of the trough, six rounds unbeaten + four consecutive defeats, and Fuli has fallen to the edge of the relegation zone step by step. In the last tournament, despite Zahawis return to the front line, the teams weak defense even gave the two foreign aid players six goals, which directly brought their opponents ashore, but also dragged themselves into the water.

At the pre-match press conference, Rich Coach Stoikovic said that the current predicament was unexpected, because of this, the team needs to concentrate on the remaining three games to achieve the goal of relegation.

In addition, he said: the conditions of the match will not be very good, and the match will be very difficult. And the team has recently focused on practicing defense. From training, the team has the ability to play well. [Expected launch] Hengfeng (4231): 30-Zhang Sipeng; 2-Tang Xin, 39-Boli, 5-Lin Longchang, 4-Yang Ting; 19-Zheng Kaimu, 18-Min Junlin; 9-Steve, 6-Fan Yunlong, 27-Liu Hao (U23); 11-Yerawich Guangzhou Fuli (541): 1-Cheng Yueli; 20-Tang Miao, 36-Huang Zhengyu (U23), 18-Yiteng, 3-Toxic, 3-Toxic 17-Zhang Chenlong; 10-Renadinio, 23-Lulin, 35-Li Tixiang, 32-Chen Zhizhao; 7-Zahawi: Netease Sports Responsible Editor: Li Siming_BJS2696

[expected debut

Hengfeng, Guizhou (4231): 30 - Zhang Sipeng; 2 - Tang Xin, 39 - Boli, 5 - Lin Longchang, 4 - Yang Ting; 19 - Zheng Kaimu, 18 - Min Junlin; 9 - Steve, 6 - Fan Yunlong, 27 - Liu Hao (U23);

Guangzhou Fuli (541): 1-Cheng Yueli; 20-Tang Zhao, 36-Huang Zhengyu (U23), 18-Patten, 3-Toxic, 17-Zhang Chenlong; 10-Renadinio, 23-Lulin, 35-Litian, 32-Chen Zhizhao; 7-Zahawi.