Womens football champions league Wang Shuangjin left foot free kick to build Paris 5-2 into 8

 Womens football champions league Wang Shuangjin left foot free kick to build Paris 5-2 into 8

The first leg of the Paris womens soccer team won 2-0, so they occupied the advantage of promotion. However, the Paris womens football team did not take the lead early after returning to home. Until the 30th minute, the Paris Saint Germain womens football team won a long-distance free kick from the right side. Wang Shuangdangren refused to stand in front of the ball to prepare for the penalty.

Wang Shuang used his left foot to kick a free kick into the penalty area. Lin Xuepings female footballer Gildmoyce tried to head off the ball while defending, but accidentally headed it into her own goal. This Oolong ball helped Paris Saint Germain lead 1-0 and enlarged the total score to 3-0! uuuuuuuu This free kick is far away, but Wang Shuang shows the rare strength and footwork of female footballers in the main penalty. The ball speed and landing point are just right, which makes the opponent defensive.

Wang Shuangs position ball ability has been very outstanding, and has scored many free kicks in the Chinese womens football national team. And after joining Paris Saint Germain womens football team, she is also the number one free kick and corner kick. The second goal in Paris was also related to Wang Shuang. In the 33rd minute, Wang Shuang fired a right-sided tactical corner kick. His teammates then crossed the ball from the right side and headed in the restricted area of Cato.

Wang Shuang and his teammates celebrate the goal.

Paris womens football team led by two goals in the first half, with a total score of 4-0 promotion in sight. Paris Saint Germain star Mbappe, who came to the scene to watch the match, also smiled in the stands. Although Lin Xueping scored two goals in the second half, Cato scored twice in the 50th minute, and eventually Paris Saint Germain won 3-2 at home.

Mbabe visits Paris womens changing room

Wang Shuang was replaced in seventy-ninth minutes. In the first round away to Lin Xuepings womens football team, Wang Shuang used her left foot to shoot a long-range goal. In this match, she used her golden left foot to kick free kick to cause the other sides Oolong. It can be said that the two rounds win in Paris by Wang Shuang played an important role, which is worthy of being the leader of Chinas womens football team today.