Derek Ross: flowers bloom again, when people are young.

 Derek Ross: flowers bloom again, when people are young.

In other words, when publishing Roses name, it is often accompanied by a hi. This question is like a quickwitter. How can Rose and Downs and Wiggins call it the same?

Half regret, half numbness, the memory of Roses swift scene, as if living in the highlights of the collection, these collections, almost all have to add a word at the front: career - in the hearts of people who love to support him, but also gradually accept the fact that his career, so it is. The wonderful footage will not be included in this collection.

In retrospect, Roses previous highest score was 42 points, coming from the 2010-11 season, when the red roses were in full bloom. At the age of 22, he was the youngest MVP in history.

And then what? He appeared again and again in the lost and distressed scenes, recovering more than the usual layups in the game: 32 dunks in the MVP season, and 19 dunks in the Bullstime.

But the game is still not lack of ornamental: those extreme pull rods still seem to be showing off the body, pedal instantaneous acceleration of 4 G to burst into stagnation, is still in a very human way to complete the offense. People in good faith remind him to burn his knee like this again, and his career will last long. But in the past few years, he still began to give up these goodwill: just know how to show off your body, dont listen to advice and wait for retirement. Thats what human feelings are like: when some people feel that their concern has no impact on others, they will inexplicably produce a malicious, trying to create these effects with negative. But how much can fans change him? Or, whats the difference between him and the usual backup guard?

This is the root of Roses neglect and disappointment after many years wearing Knight No. 1: people are willing to form a projection on their idols and hope that they will become heroes themselves, never fail - in Roses fierce solitary heroic style, care for and hope that he will transform, and expect him to keep a sharp charge and fall into battle. He became extremely antagonistic - he could not satisfy both groups at the same time, and he had no time to listen to these voices. Injuries and illnesses were his number one enemy. Over the course of many nights, he was awakened by nightmares of the end of his career.

He had never thought that he would get so many spotlights. He could not believe that there were so many fans in the world. Ultimately, hes just a modest kid, a pure point guard who is scoring outside teammates in every round of college running tactics. He was never even a real leader: Roll Deng, Hinrich and even Noah knew better than he did how to motivate his teammates in the dressing room. He will only attack the basket one after another, and win the victory with his teammates.

So when he was hurt and fallen, someone could not wait to stand up and take his place.

Jimmy Butler, a poor child from the bottom, has a natural aversion to the favorite of media fans. He even brought this sentiment to his rich son Noah. Just after the 20-point season, Butler shouted to the media at any time: We dont need sick seedlings to be the banner. We dont see every one of them. Who is the man who is attacking desperately? Say to Noah, Some people are less misleading in the dressing room when they take free throws. And, after changing new brand shoes, attack the old brand directly. How can such garbage shoes be sold? And the spokesman for that brand is Ross.

Under the extreme magnification of the contradiction, the Bulls had to make a choice: Rose was traded to the Knicks, and even put on a second round; then he recruited himself on a rare initiative and brought his good brother to New York.

A total break with the bull, Thibodeau sighed, he and Ross do not want to do this.

In the big apple City, Ross didnt get the No. 1 Jersey from Seraphim and changed it to No. 25. Hes still in the front line, but hes no longer the boss: the top two scorers are former Anthony and future Polzingis. He took the last salary of the last year and didnt know where to go in the future.

In the last month, a knee injury recurred and left early.

Then there was the amazing news: Rose, a dirty-haired man, raised the Knights No. 1 jersey. The contract had only a base salary.

He has completely become a transparent person, and people once again criticize him: a former MVP who is under 30 years old, would hold his thighs for the championship, or even get a base salary?

Thats another bit of Ross: 16 games in half a year, and no doubles for the first time. He asked for leave from the team and went home for rest. Every day he was wondering if he should really retire.

In the knight, he completely lost himself, without any meaning of existence. Later, he set a new record: the first baseline salary star to be traded without knowing it.

He was sent to the Jazz as an addition, and then between Nato and Rose, the Jazz chose the former as the third guard and cut Rose out directly.

Freelance Ross is still suspicious of himself. In the overwhelming news, countless teams are interested in him, but he doesnt believe it. Until the Timberwolves call, he still hesitates: What else can I bring them?

Another idea is: the core of this team is now Butler. Can he tolerate himself? Ross, worried and sad, always has doubts.

But every phone call from Sibodou was a voice of encouragement. The sponsors cut the support of the fans into videos and sent it to him. The fans comforted him in the video: You inspired us so long. Its time for us to wake you up.

26 days later, he signed the wolf wolf and put on number 25. Standing on the side of Jones, 1, the wolf wolf, hit two on his side.

Every 5.8 points, even a scoring double can make headlines, March 18 rocket time, he followed up with two hands buckled a dunk, which is the only dunk in his year.

In the summer, quietly, he renewed his contract with Timberwolves. At the end of a year, in a sporadic interview line, he showed only one meaning: only this team wants me, what else is that extravagant?

But in the new year, everything is totally different: his knees are finally better for him, and he doesnt wake up every morning with a lot of noise; Sibodeau regards him as the sixth person, giving 28 minutes each game, and his reward is that he scores double in six games in a row, playing lone-walker without Butler, he alone carries the team and rivals each other, takes it. 28 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists.

And then it is today.

After the race, he finally said how difficult it was to decide to go to the Cavaliers. It was really hard at that time, but if I didnt sign this contract, I would have no chance to go back here. I know they are all accusing me, but I have to do this. They dont know how miserable I was then.

Thats the real Ross. He never knew how to open a topic to the media to clear himself up, just as he was cautious in Timberwolves at this time: 28 points, 50 points, were won in the game without Butler.

As everyone knows, Rosss 50 points are just amazing, and never even have a chance to see it.

But so what? As long as the moment of brilliance, once again see the rose blooming, it is enough to love basketball you and we tears.

On Halloween night, fireworks bloom. Ross, 30, was dressed up 7 years ago.

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