Police say father on the high speed railway is not molesting his daughter: my dad didnt do this.

 Police say father on the high speed railway is not molesting his daughter: my dad didnt do this.

Some netizens think that the attitude of police investigation and notification is perfunctory, and the obvious indecent actions are ignored. Is it not indecent just because of the father-daughter relationship?

Some netizens also think that the photographer has a dark psychology. It is very normal for the father and the young girl to interact so much. Didnt you have a warm and intimate interaction with the father when you were a child?

Incident review:

Father set off his daughters clothes and kisses on the train.

On the evening of October 27, some netizens reported that in the afternoon of the same day, on the G1402 high-speed railway from Nankai to Shangrao in Guangzhou, a man in his 30s was found abusing a girl aged 56. [details

According to the video taken by netizens, the man put his hand into the movements of the lower body and back of the girl. Meanwhile, the man lifted the girls clothes, caressed and kissed her back, face, neck and so on.

In an interview with Metropolitan Express, netizens said that on both sides of the seats of the girl and the man were sitting a woman in her 30s and an old man. The little girl called her mother and grandmother.

Source: City Express video

Police Bulletin:

The relationship between the father and the daughter is not indecent.

At 22:56 p.m. on October 31, the Nanchang Railway Public Security Bureau issued an investigation Circular on this matter through micro-blog: the relationship between Zhou Momou (male, 30 years old) and a little girl (5 years old) is a father-daughter relationship, and the video shows Zhou Momous inadequate behavior (constitutes) an indecent offence. [details

Netizens viewpoint:

This is not obscene?

As for how to define indecency and why the father in the incident does not constitute indecency, the police notice did not specify, which also aroused questioning among netizens.

Netizens view two:

This is the interaction between normal fathers and children.

Some netizens questioned other netizens about questioning: how normal it is!

Darkerthanyouthink said her daughter, who is six years old, needs to wipe her childrens buttocks, lift her underwear and sometimes bathe her as a father. He feels that the interaction between father and child in the video is normal. Its the netizens who are doing something: A group of dirty netizens, look at everything dirty.

Netizen @[email protected] also has a similar view. He thinks it is normal father-daughter relationship but is stirred up by psychologically shadowy people. He asks himself: Is there no longer a happy day in the world? Normal intimacy (intimacy) between adult fathers and young daughters is regarded as indecent by psychologically shadowy people!

Netizens @Z.T.J. said that young people may now forget how their fathers played with them when they were young. They were all hugged and brought up like their fathers in the video.

Netizens view three:

My dad didnt play with me like this.

Many netizens have refuted several netizens support for their father in the video.

Online friend Chen Yuqian said: The normal growth of children can not be without the existence of parents, but parentsbehavior is also appropriate. From the behavior in this video, can you say that the fathers behavior is appropriate? Dont be ignorant of conscience. When I changed my clothes as a child, my father knew to avoid it. Of course, this kind of guard consciousness should be developed from an early age. Not to mention the little girls resistance.

Ill knock him out with a stick, said Le, a netizen who has become a mother.

The frequent occurrence of child molestation is due to the lack of education and law.

In addition to whether the fathers behavior constitutes a threat, there is a deeper reflection among netizens.

Xiao Feibao, a netizen, said, As a mother of a girl, I really feel very sad! Why do abuse of children happen frequently? It is precisely because of the lack of education and the lack of law. Many indecent cases are the claws of the familiar people around you! Even between parents and children, there is an insurmountable boundary! I hope that the law will be perfected to protect women and children as a vulnerable group in a real sense.

Some netizens also think that even if the father does not have the idea of molesting his daughter, it also needs to attract the attention of many parents. Because many parents have never thought about whether their behavior is inappropriate, which will not only bring trouble to themselves, but also bring harm to their children.

Media commentary father and daughter do not constitute indecency: the conclusion of the survey is too perfunctory.

Some netizens took videos: a man holding a six-year-old girl, put his hand into the girls lower body and back, and picked up the girls clothes to constantly touch and kiss. And the little girl has been saying no, no. After the incident, public sentiment quickly fermented, and many media articles urged the police to give their findings as soon as possible. But now, a simple sentence, the relationship between the father and daughter of the parties, Zhou Mous behavior in the video does not constitute indecent violations is difficult to calm public doubts and speculation.