Media: the commitment to eliminate beauty to accompany is no silver three hundred and twenty here.

 Media: the commitment to eliminate beauty to accompany is no silver three hundred and twenty here.

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Stop developers to invite customers to dinner and certification speed linked, stop paying 100 yuan to get certification, stop eating out to call beautiful women to accompany, never late to work and leave early... These two days, the Hunan Hengyang City Real Estate Registration Center Title Investigation Section of the collective commitment to the Internet caused a heated debate. At present, the head of the center has informed the media that Tang has been talked by commandments.

If it is not proven, the promise, which makes people laugh and cry, is likely to be mistaken for a joke. But the fact is that this is not only true, but also in the context of the Ministry of Natural Resources notified five typical cases, Hengyang Real Estate Registration Center received complaints from the masses after self-examination and self-correction results. The degree of self examination and self correction of the involved personnel is obvious.

It is undoubtedly a great irony for the departments concerned to administer affairs in accordance with the law that the details of the promise to stop receiving money for certification and accompanying beautiful women to eat are written in black and white and signed on paper. This action also here without silver shows that these violations may exist in different degrees in the departments concerned.

Contact the background of the Central Committees bulletin and the Central Committees request for self-correction and self-examination, we can find the perfunctory nature of this commitment. Let alone take the initiative to solve the problem of public complaints, top-down style of rectification pressure has not been able to force the relevant departments to administer according to law. Local reports said that after the meeting, the departments concerned were not carefully checking, looking for problems, but think that the center of excessive perfunctory behavior, which also proves this point.

And the publics report on the relevant departments of the center accepting red envelope gifts, participating in the invitation to eat and drink, and handling relationship certificates just shows that rectification is not a waste of effort. Behind the handling of errands, the departments concerned not only show their neglect of style construction, but also their selfishness in dealing with the offenders protectively.

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In fact, the real superfluous is actually a wonderful promise in black and white. The number of public officers performance standards, from laws and regulations to local documents, has been numerous. Under the logic of the service-oriented government, it is the most basic common sense not to take a card to eat, even if there is no central circular, local supervision, grass-roots public officials should have enough consciousness, according to the law to perform their duties.

If the basic common sense of performing according to law requires separate emphasis, signature and stamp, then the existing rules and disciplines may have long been forgotten. Therefore, this is not only a casual problem in terms of words, but also a fundamental deviation in the positioning of functions. Some people regard themselves as the masters of social order holding power, rather than the functionaries serving enterprises and the people.

It is not difficult to see that after the most stringent period of rectification, there has been a rebound in some places. The relevant departments may wish to attach importance to this. The construction of a clean government must have effective pressure transmission mechanism at any time.

The wonderful promise is a living letter of complaint. At present, the Discipline Inspection Unit of the Center has set up a special class to investigate carefully the problems reflected by the masses, and to what extent the violations listed in the letter of commitment exist, a credible statement is needed. If it is an administrative normality, then it must not be just a chief Tang.

The official announcement of the commitment to go out to dinner to be a beauty

Hengyang Real Estate Registration Center notified that on October 30, the article Reflections on the Grass-roots Political Style Behind the Letter of Commitment of Qihua was forwarded online, reflecting a letter of commitment of Qihua, which attracted the attention of the society. The center attaches great importance to the rapid involvement in understanding and verifying the truth of the matter.