Colleges and universities sleep for 2 hours, and students attend Internet cafes to make up for school truancy.

 Colleges and universities sleep for 2 hours, and students attend Internet cafes to make up for school truancy.

As the weather gets colder, the lowest temperature in Qiqihar, Heilongjiang Province, has been approaching 0 C recently. However, some students in Qiqihar Engineering College of local colleges and universities have reported to the surging news that sleeping is difficult to return: because the school implements the closure system from 7:40 to 9:40 a.m., some students who do not have classes have to go to the library, Internet cafe or dining hall to catch up their sleep.

In response, a teacher surnamed Chen in the office of Qiqihar College of Engineering recently told the media that the schools implementation of the closure system is due to some students do not want to attend classes now, sometimes the first class will be truant, in the name of no classes in the dormitory do not study.

On October 31, a teacher from the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of the school told Peng Mei News that the students in Apartment 12 of the school signed a guarantee letter promising not to be absent from school. At present, the apartment has been closed and it is not clear whether other dormitories will follow suit.

Letters of guarantee signed by students

The school closes the bedroom, has the student to go to the dining hall, the net bar to make up for sleep.

A girl in apartment 12 of the school said that the school had a strict running system. During the period from Monday to Friday, no matter in winter or summer, students had to gather at 5:40 a.m. to run. (For morning exercises) The people in our dormitory get up before five oclock, run back to the dormitory at about 7:00, and immediately change clothes, eat, and leave before 7:40. The girl told the surging news.

According to its introduction, according to school regulations, during the period from Monday to Friday, the dormitory building will be closed and managed from 7:40 to 9:40 every day. No one can stay in the dormitory. Violators will be deducted from moral education.

A junior boy told Peng Mei News that the rule is much better now than in his freshman year, when he would not only close his bed for two hours in the morning, but also between 6:00 and 7:30 p.m. The boy said that after the morning exercise, the students who did not have classes had difficulty returning to bed, and some went to the library, Internet cafes, canteens and other warm places to catch up on sleep.

We dont have a fixed classroom for self-study, we get up early, we dont sleep enough, and we dont want to go to (find empty classrooms to study), mainly because we are sleepy. The above-mentioned boys said that they usually go to places like canteens and restaurants, some noisy, but the money is OK, Internet cafes are the most expensive.

One freshman said that during the dormitory closure period, the school would organize non-class freshmen to study in fixed classrooms.

Sign guarantee and cancel apartments for individual apartments.

Peng Mei News received a payment for Qiqihar College of Engineering No. 12 Apartment Management Committee of the Notice shows that Apartment No. 12 has been the first to implement non-bedding management since October 18. The announcement said that the decision was made because of the application of all resident students and required students to all bedrooms are sanitary, public health areas are clean, no one sleeps late, absent from bed, etc. Otherwise, they would cancel the bedroom (as originally notified, it should be cancelled without bedtime) and report criticism.

The above-mentioned No. 12 apartment girls confirmed to Pengfeng News that they were not satisfied with the bedroom closure system. Before that, some students in the apartment building did apply to the school for the lifting of the bedroom closure. Afterwards, the school asked each student to sign a guarantee letter, which included ensuring that the whole apartment all bedroom hygiene is up to standard during the semester. All the students are qualified; all the students do not sleep late; all the students do not take meals, dormitory meals; attend classes on time and attend classes on time.

An employee surnamed Chen of Qiqihar Engineering College said in an interview with the media that the reason for the closure management of school internship was that some students are reluctant to attend classes now, sometimes they are absent from class in the first class, sometimes they stay in the dormitory in the name of no class.

On October 31, a teacher from the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of the school told Peng Mei News that students in Apartment 12 signed a guarantee letter promising not to miss classes. At present, the closure has been lifted. As to whether other dormitories will follow suit, it is not clear.

In this regard, some students believe that the dormitories in Apartment 12 are four-bedded, with independent bathroom, which is easier to meet the requirements of the school, but for other apartments with no independent bathroom and more public areas, these Provisions are more stringent.

A university in Sichuan now has a credit fee of 200 yuan per student, which is high cost recharge School: compliance.

In October 23rd, a number of students from the Sichuan Academy of film and television (hereinafter referred to as the Sichuan Academy of photography) Tucao on social networking sites, said that compared with other schools, if they hang up, their schools had to pay extra credits.

The screenshots posted by the blasters show that the cost of professional courses for art majors is 200 yuan/credit, while that for general majors and public courses is 180 yuan/credit. Some students said that they needed to pay thousands of yuan for repair.