Men colluded with foreign enterprises to smuggle foreign garbage 9 kiloton and gained huge profits for 10 years.

 Men colluded with foreign enterprises to smuggle foreign garbage 9 kiloton and gained huge profits for 10 years.

Peng Mei News learned from the Yangzhou Procuratorate that on October 29, the first instance of the criminal case, which was prosecuted by the Yangzhou Procuratorate, was sentenced to a fine of 1.5 million yuan for the company involved, and Wang Mooming, the owner, was sentenced to 10 years and 1 million yuan for the crime of smuggling waste. Liang Mouming, his accomplice, was sentenced to 7 years in prison for Committing Smuggling waste, and the penalty was 700 thousand yuan.

According to the Yangzhou Procuratorate, the history of Wang Mooming and his family in recycling waste powder coatings (hereinafter referred to as waste powder) can be traced back as early as 2003. To their surprise, in 2009, Chinas Ministry of Environmental Protection explicitly included expired and abandoned coatings, paints in the list of prohibited imports of solid waste. Even so, Wang Mooming and others still did not stop, in the name of their relatives around southern Jiangsu, registered the Suzhou Epson Chemical Co., Ltd., while the base for recycling and selling waste powder was placed in Xiaoji Town, Jiangdu District, Yangzhou.

According to the prosecution, in 2013, Wang Yumings cousin was sentenced for the crime of smuggling waste, and many people were prosecuted for smuggling waste powder.

For a long time, the high-end market of domestic powder coatings has been monopolized by well-known foreign powder coatings manufacturers. Therefore, some small and medium-sized domestic enterprises have focused on the waste powder recycled abroad to make profits in the production of low-grade powder coatings as raw materials.

According to the procuratorial authorities, in early 2014, Wang Mooming received a call from a Korean company to sell waste powder to him. There were cousins and fellow townsmens warning. At first, he turned down because of fear. However, after many contacts with Korean companies, he failed to withstand the temptation of huge profits and began to accept orders in April of that year in partnership with others.

In order not to be found, he asked Korean companies to provide small batches of better quality recycled powder customs declaration, and choose busy ports such as Qingdao, Shanghai and so on, to take the initiative to request inspection, in order to prepare for subsequent large-scale imports and avoid customs investigation.

According to the investigation of Yangzhou Procuratorate, from April 2014 to June 2017, Wang Mooming and his associates evaded customs inspection by various means, and imported 199 pieces of waste powder from Japan, the United States, Europe and so on. The cumulative amount reached more than 9343 tons, and finally made huge profits.

The smuggled imported waste powder is simply screened and sorted by Wang Mooming and sold to downstream customers. Among them, good-looking enterprises sell to local, Zhejiang, Anhui and other places, spraying on the surface of automobiles, bridges and hardware. Those that cannot be used are burned or buried and pollute the air, soil and groundwater.

During the trial, Wang Mooming said that the relevant departments identified the goods sent for inspection as non-solid waste and issued two appraisal reports, according to which he argued that he had no subjective intention of smuggling and did not constitute a crime.

The prosecutor presented evidence obtained by supplementary investigation to the appraisal body, proving that the appraisal report was obtained by deception. He also said that the testimony of a series of witnesses proved that Wang Mouming should be aware of the illegality of his actions.

Finally, the Court adopted the prosecution fact and made the decision.

Guangzhou customs destroyed 24 smuggled foreign garbage criminal gangs and 35 people were arrested.

Yangcheng Evening News 14, the General Administration of Customs launched the blue sky 2018 special action fourth rounds of centralized network operation. Guangzhou Customs destroyed 24 criminal gangs smuggling foreign garbage, established 24 criminal cases, arrested 35 suspects, and seized 1600 tons of solid waste such as aluminium slag suspected of smuggling into the country. Huangpu Customs broke down five criminal gangs for smuggling solid waste. Eight suspects were arrested, five criminal cases were filed and 49 administrative cases were filed.