Men trained 6 hunting dogs to catch 14 yellow rim turtle shells. 1 were arrested.

 Men trained 6 hunting dogs to catch 14 yellow rim turtle shells. 1 were arrested.

In late August, Linan Forest Public Security received a report that someone had taken a hound up the hill. After interception, three men in their 50s were brought back for questioning. According to account, they take the dog up the mountain, is to catch yellow edge close shell turtle.

On the same day, the police searched 14 yellow margin shelled turtles from the three peoples residence, which they caught more than a dozen times up the mountain. Hu Xinhua, deputy director of Linan District Forest Public Security Bureau, told Peng Mei News that the Yellow margin closure Turtle was listed in Appendix 2 of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, which is regarded as the second-class protected animal in China and is not allowed to hunt, sell or breed in the wild.

It is understood that Feng and Zhang lived in Lingan for many years, Wang came from Anhui. At the beginning of 2017, Feng Mou heard Wang Mou say that the Yellow margin closure turtle is popular in the pet market and can sell for tens of thousands of yuan, and Linan Tianmu Mountain is its natural distribution area. Three people together, buy 6 hounds and a group of Brazil tortoises, train the hounds to remember the smell of tortoises. In July, they began to take their hounds up the hill, find suitable forest areas for turtles to live in, release their hounds, and by the time they were caught, 14 yellow-rimmed closed-shelled turtles had been captured. According to account, they plan to sell at the price of 8000 yuan per catty, and have not yet had time to make a move.

Nanjing man arrested the hare arrested by the police questioned the police response

Recently, media reports reported that a man was arrested for killing rabbits in Jiangning District of Nanjing City, causing some netizensconcern. The police are responding to the relevant network concerns of the incident according to relevant circumstances.

The man bought a wild big fish and sold it in public.

Recently, the owner of a hotel on Binjiang Road in Jiujiang sunned a circle of friends and said that he had bought a big wild fish, which meant to be sold publicly. Many netizens recognize that this is the two class protection of animal cochineal. But he did not want the man to return openly, knowing that he could eat. Angry netizens called the police and reported it.