Boys in Shaanxi are still in a coma: low chance of recovery or life-long care.

 Boys in Shaanxi are still in a coma: low chance of recovery or life-long care.

According to media reports, after Peng Pengs biological mother Chai and her husband Zhao Mou divorced in 2015, Zhao Mou took Peng Peng and Sun Mou to remarry. The court of Linwei District of Weinan City found that Sun Mou had been beating Peng Peng for many times since early March 2017, which resulted in multiple injuries to the whole body and large area of skull injury. The court sentenced him to 16 years imprisonment for intentional injury and ill treatment.

After encountering ill treatment, Peng Peng has been unconscious for a vegetative state. Zhang Xia, a nurse, has been responsible for nursing work since she returned from Shanghai to Xian in November 2017. On October 31, Zhang Xia told reporters that Peng Peng had been hospitalized in the rehabilitation department of Xian Traditional Chinese Medicine Encephalopathy Hospital for half a year. She felt that Peng Pengs limbs were much relaxed, less rigid, more resistant and fatter, but Peng Peng was still unconscious.

Peng Pengs mother, Ms Chai, said in November 1st that Peng Peng was still unconscious and vegetative. At present, Chai is communicating with public welfare organizations in charge of public health agencies to collect medical expenses. Tencent Public Welfare Website information shows that the Shanghai Rende Foundation launched a donation in May 2017 and received more than 280 million yuan in donations. Ms. Chai said that the Shanghai benevolent foundation is still raising donations. The two donation was confirmed by the Shanghai benevolent foundation. Ms. Chai said Peng Peng now has a medical cost of 30 thousand yuan to 40 thousand yuan per month.

Ms. Chai said the feedback from doctors was that Peng Peng had a low chance of recovering and standing up in the future, or needed lifelong care. Peng Peng accident so far, Zhao basically did not take care of responsibility. For the next step, Ms. Chai said that she would continue to treat, although the recovery rate is very low, but she did not want to give up. If there is a good hospital, she also hopes to transfer to the treatment, hoping that Peng Peng will be able to take care of himself after treatment.

Shaanxi child abuse case stepmother acknowledges the use of electric wires to tie bamboo sticks beating as a discipline.

Sun Mou, the stepmother of the victim boy Peng Peng Peng (pseudonym), said many times during the trial that she had disciplined the child by kneeling, punishing stations, bundling wires and beating with bamboo sticks, but at the same time said that on March 29, 2017, Peng Peng was injured and sent to the doctor because she fell down twice in the process of washing her face.

During the trial, Peng Pengs attorney pointed out that Peng Peng had been beaten and mistreated for a long time, resulting in serious injury at the first level. At present, Peng Peng is still in a vegetative state, but Sun Mou said that he had only beaten Peng twice or three times. Sun remained silent in court about the causes of Peng Pengs skull crushing, knee joint deformity, retinal detachment and other injuries.