The US side says China restricts the spread of Internet policy in the world, and the Ministry of foreign affairs responds.

 The US side says China restricts the spread of Internet policy in the world, and the Ministry of foreign affairs responds.

Q: It is reported that China recently opened the Reef Ocean Observing Center, Meteorological Observatory and the National Environmental Air Quality Monitoring Station in Nansha Islands. Can you introduce the situation?

At the end of July this year, Chinas 115 South China Sea Rescue Round stationed on the relevant islands and reefs in the South China Sea, effectively strengthened the search and rescue forces in the south-central South China Sea, provided effective protection for the safety of navigation in the South China Sea, and has carried out some search and rescue activities and played an important role.

As China has emphasized many times, it is an important original intention for China to carry out the construction of the Nansha Islands and Reefs, improve its civil service function, and provide public goods and public welfare services to the countries in the region. It is also a solemn commitment of China to the countries in the region and the international community.

The project launched by the Chinese side can provide more public welfare services for the countries in the region, and provide a strong guarantee for the safety of navigation in the South China Sea and the peoples livelihood along the coast. As a responsible power, China will continue to fulfill its obligations and commitments with practical actions and make due contributions to the security and well-being of the people in the South China Sea region.

Q: US Secretary of State Pompeo said in an interview that a series of measures taken by the US against China, including prosecuting commercial espionage and banning the sale of technology to Chinese chip companies, are part of the US governments strategic response to China, aiming to promote China to act like a normal country in terms of trade and international regulations. . What is Chinas response to this?

A: we have noticed the relevant reports. What a normal country depends on how you define it.

On Sino-US relations, we have repeatedly stated that China and the United States are the worlds top two economies and permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. Maintaining healthy and stable development of Sino-US relations is not only good news for the two countries and their peoples, but also good news for safeguarding world peace and development.

As for Secretary of State Pompeios relevant statements, we have also said many times that only on the basis of non-conflict, non-confrontation, mutual respect and win-win cooperation, can China and the United States continue to expand cooperation, effectively control differences and ensure the sustained, healthy and stable development of bilateral relations, can they bring more benefits to the people of the two countries. A recent survey by the Chicago Global Commission and the Pew Center also shows that the American public generally does not consider China a threat to the United States. To the states of the United States, you will find that the mainstream American public opinion still believes that China and the United States should maintain good cooperative relations. I hope the relevant parties in the US will fully recognize this.

Q: British Foreign Minister Hunter told the House of Lords of Parliament this week that British diplomats who visited Xinjiang in August confirmed that the report on the re-education camp in Xinjiang was basically true, and the British Government expressed concern about it. What is Chinas response to this?

A: We have taken note of the relevant reports and China firmly opposes the British sides use of the so-called issue concerning Xinjiang to achieve certain political purposes.

As for the specific measures taken by China to prevent and suppress violent terrorism and to eliminate extremism in Xinjiang, the Chairman of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region has given an interview with the media and introduced the situation in detail, suggesting that you and the British concerned read it carefully.

Q: On October 31, the World Bank released its latest report, which upgraded the global ranking of Chinas business environment from 78 to 46. World Bank officials say the speed and effectiveness of Chinas reform is amazing. What is Chinas comment on this?

A: We note that the World Bank released the Business Environment Report 2019 yesterday, which raised the global ranking of Chinas business environment from 78th to 46th, a substantial increase of 32 places. We welcome this.

In its report, the World Bank identified a record number of reforms implemented by the Chinese government over the past year to improve the business environment for SMEs. World Bank officials say China has made great strides in optimizing the business environment, reflecting the importance the Chinese government attaches to fostering innovation and private enterprise.

China believes that the Banks assessment is fair and objective, and reflects Chinas firm commitment and effective measures to deepen reform, expand openness and constantly improve the business environment. This year is the 40th anniversary of Chinas reform and opening up. China will continue to firmly promote a new round of reform and opening up, constantly improve the investment environment, and make China increasingly the preferred place for foreign enterprises to invest. We welcome more foreign enterprises to come to China and share opportunities for Chinas development.

Q: First, Bolton, assistant to the US President for National Security Affairs, said yesterday that China may have stolen Russian intellectual property to make cheap weapons. How do you comment on this? The second problem is that Norways ambassador to China, Pei Kai Ren, was appointed special envoy of the UN Secretary General for Syria. How do you comment on this?

A: On your first question, I have noticed that the relevant people of the United States have been very worried recently and have constantly reminded the Russian side to pay attention to this and that in dealing with China. I would like to remind the American side that we should not underestimate the Russian peoples own judgement.

On the second question, China welcomes the appointment by Secretary-General Guterres of Mr. Pei Kairu as Special Envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations for Syria. Mr. Pei Kairu has rich diplomatic experience and believes that his appointment will inject new impetus into Syrias political process. China will continue to support the Secretary-General and his Special Envoy in their efforts to increase their good offices and play a constructive role in promoting the political settlement of the Syrian issue.

Here, I would also like to make an assessment of Mr. De Mistura, the current Special Envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations for Syria. During his tenure as Special Envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations on Syria, Mr. De Mistura has done a lot of work to actively promote the political settlement of the Syrian issue. China regrets Mr. Demis Tuulas resignation and appreciates and affirms his work.

Q: Freedom House of the United States released an annual report saying that Chinas Internet restrictions and digital surveillance measures are spreading globally. The Chinese government urges other emerging economies to take similar measures. What is Chinas comment on this?

A: As we have said on many occasions, cybersecurity is a global issue. Cyberspace is virtual and complex, and the interests of all parties are intermingled. It requires the international community, including the government, the industry, think tanks and the media, to maintain it in a constructive manner.

The institutions you mentioned have made some unrealistic remarks on China-related issues for a long time. The accusations are false, unprofessional and irresponsible. Obviously, they have ulterior motives.

Q: Recently, the Australian Strategic Policy Think Tank released a report on the Xinjiang Re-education Center that the scale of the center has been expanding since 2016. According to the satellite image analysis, most of the expansion occurred in the last quarter. Has there been any increase in extremists and crime figures in Xinjiang in the past two years? Is the growth rate faster this year?

A: First of all, I dont know the objective basis of the report issued by the organization you mentioned. What are the criteria for judging satellite image data in the report? I suggest you ask the relevant authorities.

As for the current situation of anti-terrorism in Xinjiang, the Chairman of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region gave a detailed introduction in an interview with the media. With the strong support of the central government, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region has taken firm measures for a period of time. The situation of maintaining stability and security in Xinjiang has greatly improved. For 21 consecutive months, there has been no violent incidents that frequently caused the loss of lives and property of innocent people in the past. This is a concrete figure, which can fully illustrate the problem.

Q: It is reported that India has lodged a solemn protest against a bus project within the framework of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Media said that the project passed through Pakistan controlled Kashmir area, which is a dispute area between India and Pakistan. What is Chinas comment on this?

A: first, I do not know what you are talking about about the bus project you mentioned.

Second, Chinas principled position on Kashmir issue is clear. We have repeatedly stated that the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is an economic cooperation initiative, not aimed at third parties, has nothing to do with territorial sovereignty disputes and does not affect Chinas principled position on the Kashmir issue.

Q: it is understood that Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan, will visit China on Friday. But it is reported that Premier Imran Khan will leave Pakistan today and arrive in Beijing. Is the schedule of this visit ahead of schedule?

A: we have released the news of Premier Imran Khans visit to China. According to the information currently available, the visit will be arranged according to the schedule.

Q: It is reported that the Prime Minister of Australia has confirmed that the Australian Government plans to help Baxin establish a new joint naval base on Manus Island. As China expands its influence in the Pacific, will China help the new development of naval capabilities? How to comment on Australias counterattack measures?

A: China has always upheld the correct concept of righteousness and interests and the concept of genuine cordiality to develop friendly and cooperative relations with Pacific island countries in a wide range of fields. Our aim is to help peace, stability and prosperity in the island region. This is also a mutually beneficial cooperation between developing countries under the framework of South South cooperation, not targeting any third party. The Pacific island region is not the sphere of influence of any country.

It is hoped that relevant parties will effectively abandon the Cold War mentality and the outdated concept of zero-sum game, treat Chinas relations with Pacific island countries objectively and correctly, and do more to help island countries develop.

Q: Norwegian Ambassador to China Pei Kairu took office last year, and now he will be the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations on Syria. How does China comment on the work of ambassador Pei Kairu in China? What is the expectation of the new ambassador to Norway?

A: On your first question, I have just expressed my good wishes to Ambassador Pei Kairu for his appointment as Special Envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations on Syria, believing that he will contribute to the process of political settlement of the Syrian issue during his tenure as Special Envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations on Syria.

On the second issue, Sino-Norwegian relations have made considerable progress since the transfer of the border in 2016, and bilateral cooperation in various fields has yielded fruitful results, bringing tangible benefits to the two peoples. I believe you have also noticed that King Harald V and Queen of Norway made a very successful visit to China recently. President Xi Jinping and other leaders of China had friendly exchanges with King Harald V. The two sides agreed that we should deepen pragmatic cooperation under the one belt and one way framework and strengthen communication and coordination in international and regional affairs on the basis of mutual respect.

China has made positive comments on Ambassador Pei Kairus contribution to the development of Sino-Norwegian relations during his stay in China. We wish Ambassador Pei Kairu new achievements in his new post.