The police chased the escaped prisoner for 500 meters but kept 5 meters away. Why?

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 The police chased the escaped prisoner for 500 meters but kept 5 meters away. Why?

Muddle through, escape

Hundreds of meters away, paralyzed

Chasing the hobby of corn? - Running marathon on the evening of October 29, the police of Linhai Public Security Bureau routinely set up a chuck check at the door of the on-the-job education center. At 20:40, the police stopped a car for inspection. Faced with the police inspection, a man on the bus first said that he had forgotten his ID card and faltered several times when reporting the ID number. He Qiang, a policeman, let him get off for further verification. Unexpectedly, the man took advantage of Ho Qiangs head to check the timing of the information and ran away.

He Qiang surprised!

After two steps

He shouted at his colleagues later.

Control those people on the bus!

Seeing the police chase, the man plunged into the opposite area. He Qiang closely followed the man who escaped, but he did not fight the man for the first time. He just keeps the man in his 5 meters and speeds up when he meets the corner, so as not to lose it. After running for four hundred or five hundred meters, the man failed in strength. Seeing the time is ripe, he Qiang accelerates the sprint, and puts the man down.

After investigation, the escaped man Li was listed as an online fugitive because of the crime of opening a casino. That night, Li Mou Road police officers set up a card check, see confusion, not in the past, in a hurry to run away. Lee originally wanted to use the plot as a cover to escape, and the result was not running out of the district.

Why is He Qiang so confident that Lee cant escape?

Originally, he was a marathon enthusiast. Since 2014, he has been exercising every day. He runs an average of 10 kilometers a day. It takes only 18 minutes to finish 5,000 meters. He has both skill and strength. In recent years, he has participated in many marathon events, half horse best performance 1 hours 24 minutes. Just last weekend, he just participated in Baishuiyang 100-kilometer hiking and won the first place in the 25-kilometer cross-country group in 2 hours and 35 minutes.

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