TFboys Wang Yuan is not as popular as Wang Junkai and Yi Jie now? His fans say so.

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 TFboys Wang Yuan is not as popular as Wang Junkai and Yi Jie now? His fans say so.

Unconsciously, from the first personal original music in 2016, Wang Yuan has 11 personal singles, and he is steadier and steadier on the road of singer Wang Yuan.

So what? How far can a child go? Compared with his teammates, he is the least popular in TFboys.

And so on, there is still some objection.

But carefully, in a few days, Wang Yuan, the so-called little boy, will be 18 years old and an adult. On the way to becoming a star, he has been walking for six years.


In 2011, Wang Yuan, who was young and handsome and liked singing, was selected as TF family practice student. Muddled, he has no concept of being a star at all, but with the free training can not come for nothing mentality, day after day persevere. In 2013, Wang Yuan appeared in the form of TFBOYS, and was the lead singer and host in the group. At that time, he was still adored by Mom Fans with the image of Yuanbao which was simple, lovely, sweet and sprouting.

Nowadays, people see that he has less tenderness and germination, but more responsibility and firmness as a teenager.

He became less and less talkative, less proud, less proud of wearing pink clothes, less proud of being the bear child who sold his treasures. He said, he is not a child, he said, in fact, he is very fresh, he said, we will call him yuan brother.

In his conscious slow transition, he mingled with the adult world, ups and downs in the fame and fortune market, and quickly matured.

And the same type of idol hot, gradually let the public aesthetic fatigue, fans are also growing, demand has become diversified, want sweet, salt and Su brother.

In January 2016, Wang Yuans first single was released, which included the composer of lyrics and songs. He suddenly appeared as an original singer.

People began to face up to the strength and ambition of the 00.

Because I met you, I learned to cherish, even in the face of the storm, I will bravely go on. It seems to be declaring to the world that he is serious about music and never abandonment.

After that, Wang Yuans singer road became more and more firm.

In the past 17 years, sunshine, stainless steel, Seventeen and pride have also been introduced.

This kid, who never forgot to learn art from teachers, can not extricate himself from the world of music, and his professionalism is gradually reflected.

After that, there were more surprises, such as charity.

On October 27, 2017, Wang Yuan, together with Chen Longzhi, chairman of Matt Culture, announced the establishment of the Source Special Fund for Public Welfare, which is the youngest founder of charity fund among Chinese stars. The opportunity to set up is in a circle of friends, occasionally seeing each others charity activities.

Not only that, Wang Yuanfa made a new song to donate, endorsed the product to donate, and received gifts to donate for live video broadcasting. Even the monthly contribution fee of the writers of the Global Persons column should be donated.

As the Youth Education Messenger of UNICEF and Youth Messenger of China, Wang Yuan twice went to the United Nations to address the Youth Forum of the United Nations Economic and Social Council. He expressed his understanding of quality education and appealed for attention to education and sustainable development.

The idols are practising, meticulous, and fans are following closely. The major support societies have carried out public welfare activities. At the call of Wang Yuan, fans made their birthday assistance.

Want to drive away your loneliness, although you say how difficult it is to get along, I want to be the scavenger of your love and collect the waves of your life. Wang Yuan hummed softly in the single baby.

All the proceeds of this song have also been transferred to the public welfare foundation. His songs are always trying to bring warmth to people. His charitable behavior is also a genuine love for society.

Maybe he never wants to regard himself as a distant idol. He is more willing to take out his heart, sincere and brave. He uses music to express his softness, and expresses his goodwill towards the world with charity.

In the half-ripe time, the teeth are less sharp and deep and introverted, but the light in the eyes is clearer, naive and never moving forward.

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