Who are the people who are talking with the general secretary today?

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 Who are the people who are talking with the general secretary today?

On the morning of November 1st, Xi Jinping hosted a symposium on private enterprises and interviewed 10 entrepreneurs. We have made speeches and put forward opinions and suggestions on supporting the development of private enterprises in the new situation.

The atmosphere is lively.

This picture is the public figure of Changan sword WeChat.

In the process, the General Secretary kept asking questions and interrupting, exchanged in-depth with private entrepreneurs on some issues, and asked relevant departments to seriously study and properly solve them.

Chang An Jun found that the 10 entrepreneurs interviewed by the General Secretary today are all pioneers of high-tech innovation.

Liu Jiren: Chairman of Neusoft group.

The first doctor of computer application specialty trained in China is also the founder of Dongsoft, the first software listed company in China, and one of the founders and witnesses of the development of Chinas computer industry.

Lu Weiding: Executive Director, President of Zhejiang Wanxiang Group, Vice President of Zhejiang Federation of Industry and Commerce, son of Lu Guanqiu, the first generation private entrepreneur in China.

Wanxiang Group, developed from a farm machinery repair plant, is now a multinational enterprise with automotive parts manufacturing and sales as its main business. It is engaged in the R&D and production of luxury new energy vehicles in Southern California, USA.

Wang Xiaolan: President of times group.

Time Company was founded in Beijing in 1984. It is the earliest modern high-tech manufacturing pioneer enterprise in Zhongguancun area and in Chinas electromechanical industry. It currently has 1 billion 500 million yuan assets.

Sun Piaoyang: Chairman of Jiangsu Heng Rui medicine Limited by Share Ltd and vice chairman of Jiangsu Provincial Federation of industry and commerce.

Over the past 20 years, Hengruis annual R&D expenditure accounts for about 10% of sales, which is unique among domestic enterprises.

Lu Yong: general manager of star arrow special glass Co., Ltd.

The anti-irradiation glass cover produced by Star and Arrow is applied to every satellite and spacecraft launched in recent years in China as the armor of solar panels.

Tang Xiaoou: founder and chairman of Shang Tang technology.

He led the Chinese AI team and was selected into the worlds top ten AI pioneer laboratories. The original face recognition algorithm has an accuracy rate of 98.52%, which surpasses the human eye recognition ability.

Liu Hanyuan: Chairman of Tongwei groups board of directors and chairman of Tongwei Limited by Share Ltd. He was named the most successful businessman under the age of 40 by Fortune magazine.

Tongwei Group, which mainly deals in fish feed and aquatic products, drives nearly one million domestic farm households, and directly or indirectly drives more than 30 million Chinese farmers to become rich and increase their income.

Tan Jianfeng: founder and chairman of public technology, a senior expert in the field of information security.

He presided over the planning and design of Public Internet Security Authentication Platform, which was applied to WiFi access authentication in 31 provinces of China Telecom, and was called gatekeeper in the information age.

Liu Yi: Chairman of Anhui eco green Limited by Share Ltd, vice chairman of Anhui Federation of industry and commerce.

Aikelan means love, sky can be more blue, specializing in the development and industrialization of aftertreatment products of engine exhaust, and the products sell well in Europe and America.

Geng Zhe: Shandong and Information Chairman and general manager, the company is the new three board listed company (871991).

The products with the same information cover three series of products: intelligent water meter, intelligent heat meter and intelligent gas meter. They provide solutions for energy measurement and control system based on the Internet of Things.

About the private economy, the general secretary has spoken 4 times in a month and has a clear attitude.

The first time: on September 27, the Liaoning survey stressed: We should unswervingly encourage, support and guide the development of non-public economy.

Second time: On October 20, in a letter to the privately-owned entrepreneurs who were commended in the Wancun campaign, he said: The historical contribution of the private economy is indelible, the status and role of the private economy is beyond doubt, and it is wrong to deny and weaken any opinions and practices of the private economy.

Fourth time: On November 1, the private enterprise Symposium said, Private enterprises and private entrepreneurs are our own people.

The general secretarys intensive speech shows that Chinas support for the private sector is consistent.