East Qiqi stayed in the Lakers dressing room and finally got the signature of Jersey.

 East Qiqi stayed in the Lakers dressing room and finally got the signature of Jersey.

East Qi Qi is famous for his excellent organization, but his body is the standard of striker. Although he has always been defined as a big point guard in his draft template, LeBron has always been his favorite, and before the game, LeBron also focused on the comment on East Chic.

I think European players are growing faster than NBA players. What Im talking about is NBA American players, LeBron said. Hes been playing professional basketball since he was 15, so the NBA wont scare him. Hes been playing professional games for a long time. I think thats the best part of European basketball. Their professional basketball will help players grow up very early.

At the age of 15, he began playing in the Champions League with Real Madrid, so when he entered the NBA at the age of 19, he was very mature.

In this regard, the lone ranger coach Carlisle also talked about the game, he said, This is a momentous moment, I believe Luca will cope well, for a 19-year-old child, he has been a very good competitor. I am sure it will be a great pleasure to see them play and shake hands.

He was the fastest counter-attacker in the league, but still couldnt keep pace with LeBron. He didnt score 5-0 in the first half, but recovered from 6-5 in the second half and scored 10 points in 3-for-3 in the last quarter, including that last minute. Engraved flat ball.

At the end of the game, waiting outside the Lakers locker room in the East Chic, also harvested LeBrons game through the jersey, unfortunately, the Lakers staff out of the jersey, did not wait for LeBron to hand over. James signed the shirt and wrote, Strive for Greatness.

LeBron has always been my idol and its unbelievable that one day hell be able to play with him, said Donich. Make your dream come true.