Tencent autopilot independent brand unveiled three core technology platforms

 Tencent autopilot independent brand unveiled three core technology platforms

Since this year, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities have promulgated relevant regulations and measures for the management of automatic driving test, which provides strong policy support for the development of automatic driving technology and related industries. At the same time, Tencents layout in the smart network automotive industry is more clear, in this years global partnership conference launched a smart travel solution. Among them, automatic driving is Tencent layout of the automotive industry, promote the wisdom of the industry landing one of the important areas. Tencent chairman and CEO Ma Huateng has said that as cars become more intelligent, networked, electrified and shared, cars will gradually take over the driving tasks of drivers in the future, and Tencent will become a digital assistant to automobile companies.

Tencent has been playing the role of assistant in the field of automatic driving, positioning it as a complete software and service provider for automatic driving systems. On the spot of the Intelligent Travel Forum, Tencent Autopilot General Manager Su Kui Feng said that Tencent emphasized the integration of Tencents resource advantages and product capabilities, providing autopilot output, building an eco-chain of auto-driving, doing a good job of connectors and spare parts to provide the most from the users experience and needs. Effective digital interface and toolbox help promote the development of intelligent transportation and intelligent travel.

Actively layout three core technical capabilities to escort the industry

As early as the second half of 2016, Tencent actively laid out in the field of auto-driving, set up auto-driving laboratory, convened well-known experts in the field of auto-driving at home and abroad, and carried out technical research and development in the fields of high-precision maps, environmental perception, integrated positioning, decision-making and control. At present, Tencent has been granted automatic driving road test licences in Shenzhen and Beijing, and this year L3 has achieved product landing, will continue to explore the L4, L5 technology.

According to Su Kui Feng, Tencents exploration and accumulation of core technology platforms for automotive driving can help automotive enterprises and even the industry. Especially, in this forum Tencent Autopilot released three core technical capabilities - high-precision maps, simulation, data cloud services three platforms. Tencent automatic driving has a complete set of high-precision map production capabilities with independent intellectual property rights. While gradually covering the national highway network, with centimeter-level positioning information and rich road element data, to provide security for automatic driving, it can make the vision of automatic driving broader and more clear.

Automatic driving from research and development to landing itself is a very huge project. Su Kui-feng said that hundreds of millions of real vehicle road test data are needed. In reality, the automatic driving vehicles and traffic sections used for road test are restricted in many ways. They can hardly get very detailed data and can not keep up with the development of automatic driving technology. These difficulties can be solved through simulation platform. Realization. It is worth mentioning that with the goal of establishing a safer and more efficient automatic driving test mode, Tencent has built a virtual-reality simulation system TADSim. Based on Tencents powerful game engine, virtual reality, cloud game technology and other advantages, it can complete the closed-loop simulation verification of all modules on the real vehicle, such as perception, decision-making, control algorithm. By virtue of this technical advantage, the developers of automatic driving can imitate the real road environment and traffic flow in virtual environment without field road test, so as to train the ability of automatic driving vehicles. Therefore, Tencents simulation platform can not only help automobile companies shorten development time and improve development data, but also help automobile companies reduce test costs.

In addition, Tencents open platform for strategic layout of automatic driving cloud ecology, based on the cloud mass storage space and computing resources support, constructs data collection, sample annotation, algorithm training and evaluation, cloud simulation, real vehicle feedback closed-loop full process cloud services, providing automatic driving full-link cloud services and development platform. At present, a large amount of rich sample data has been accumulated, and the introduction of international top-level algorithm pre-labeling, to achieve automatic production of samples, improve production efficiency.

Open symbiosis and cooperate with partners to develop together

Finally, Su Kuifeng said that Tencent Autopilot will take open symbiosis, win-win cooperation as its core concept, provide a full stack of solutions for business scenarios in all fields, help enterprises and research units to accelerate the development and landing of autopilot technology, and help automobile companies win the first chance in the era of automobile driving; at the same time, it will also pass through the open symbiosis, cooperation and win-win concept. High-precision map products and high-precision positioning applications, as well as automatic driving simulation platform and other technical assistance means, together with the entire vehicle factory, Tier1 and various partners, to create a high-precision map service system with high freshness and reliability, to escort automatic driving.

In the future, Tencent Auto-Drive will also link the entire Tencent travel ecology, including Tencent Auto Union, Tencent Location Services, Tencent Safety, Tencent AI and Tencent Cloud, and actively and deeply cooperate with government departments, traditional automotive enterprises and even the entire automotive industry to provide a more open, innovative and sustainable partner. Sexual intelligence solutions.