Nursery schools become fight club to let children fight with their teachers and cheer.

 Nursery schools become fight club to let children fight with their teachers and cheer.

A nursery in America turned into a fight club to let children fight each other and teachers cheer.

A day care center in Missouri, USA, was exposed to allow children under 10 to fight each other. Teachers were still shouting for help, while the beaten children were crying in a corner. The mother asked the nursery to court for damages of $25 thousand (more than 17 yuan).

According to the Daily Mail, the first video taken in December 2016 shows that the Adventure Learning Center in St. Louis really teaches kids to take risks, with two teachers turning nurseries into fightclubs for children to fight each other.

At the time, Nicole Merseal sent two sons, aged 10 and 4, to the nursery, where his 10-year-old brother used an iPad to shoot a video of infant battles and sent it to his mother because he was worried to see his 4-year-old brother cry his face after being beaten three times.

Mercile told the Daily Mails St. Louis branch of Fox 2 (FOX2) that she received the video on the day her youngest son was 4 years old. He didnt understand why his friends were fighting with him... Why was he hit by his best friend?

Mercile said her son texted her, saying nurseries let them fight, not help them.

The surveillance cameras in nurseries also recorded at least 30 minutes of fight and repeated fights between young children.

Masil immediately called the person in charge of the nursery, and the two employees were fired.

Some teachers explained that they organized fight only to try to amuse the children.

The local prosecutors office refused to sue the nursery, which is still in operation.

In a statement, the St. Louis Circuit Prosecutors Office said there was no doubt that there was insufficient evidence to prove that any law had been violated.

However, this does not mean that nursery teachers have no problem with their abilities. They are responsible for the safety of these children.

After the accident, intensive inspections at nurseries have found 26 new violations in eight visits over the past two years.

The same month, a nurse saw a 3 year old childs arm and dragged him away.

At that time, the director of the day care center had been standing in the classroom, but it turned a blind eye to it.

Masil is currently suing the nursery for damages of over $25 thousand.

She said, I hope they will take the responsibility. I dont want this to happen to other children.

The boy was killed by the retractable door chuck of the kindergarten: when he got out, the playmate pressed the switch.

On the afternoon of October 28, an eight-year-old boy in Laian County, playing in a local kindergarten, was unfortunately caught in an open telescopic door and died.

The teacher sent a notice to parents to help them: praise 50 times a day and upload screenshots.

Recently, parents of a kindergarten in Guangdong received a notice from their teachers: Parents are invited to take part in the activities ofI recommend, I comment on the good people around themfrom October 10 to October 25, 2018, and each class is requested to provide 3-5 photos of praise before October 25, 2018.