The emperor of Japan wants to destroy Yasukuni Shrine?

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 The emperor of Japan wants to destroy Yasukuni Shrine?

Data map: Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo, Xinhua News Agency reporter Ma Ping photo

Japanese media reported on Nov. 1 that Yasukuni Shrine Yasukuni Miyagi Kohama (68 years old) resigned on Oct. 31 for making comments deemed critical of the Emperor. When Kobe was in office, he interviewed Kyodo News Agency and spoke on the issue, claiming that regarding the emperors visit to the battlefield for the purpose of comfort, he believed that from the viewpoint of Yasukuni Shrine, this is aretrospective actrather than acomfort flexible movement.

According to Kyodo News Agency, Nov. 1, Xiao Haos speech may be interpreted as a denial of the meaning of the comfort journey supported by the people, or will trigger discussion.

According to the report, Xiao Hao said that the emperors silent act of mourning moved the survivors and the people, and felt at ease, this is the result of painstaking thought as a symbol of national unity, is the result of thoughtful thinking, on the comfort journey as the meaning of the official side.

However, at an internal meeting in June this year, Kobe said: The more the emperor tries to carry out acomfort trip, the farther away from the Yasukuni Shrine will be.His Majesty intends to destroy the Yasukuni Shrine. If I do not visit the shrine in the future, it will become hopeless to raise questions, Xiao Ha explained in an interview. Xiao ho believes that speech is a personal mistake.

In addition, because Yasukuni Shrine jointly sacrifices Tojo Yingji and other Far East International Military Court to try Class A war criminals (Tokyo Trial), Xiao Hao does not think it possible to divide Class A war criminals.

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