The girl student was cheated on the phone and 260 thousand told her fathers pension.

 The girl student was cheated on the phone and 260 thousand told her fathers pension.

Im a policeman from Nanchong Public Security Bureau. We received a letter from Jiading police in Shanghai, saying that you were suspected of a child abduction and trafficking case. Please cooperate with the police investigation. In this way, a few words, a college student in Nanchong, Guangan girl Xiaoyu (alias), fell into the trap of telecommunications fraud, his father died after the 260,000 yuan pension, and so was cheated away...

You are suspected of abducting and trafficking in children

Xiao Yu, 20, is a native of Yuechi, Guangan. She is now studying in a university in Nanchong. At the beginning of July 2017, the rain in the library was closely reviewed.

Im a policeman from Nanchong Public Security Bureau. We received a letter from Jiading police in Shanghai, saying that you were suspected of a child abduction and trafficking case. Please cooperate with the police investigation. In the telephone, the voice of the policewoman who spoke Mandarin was very soft, but few words shocked Xiaoyu.

Xiao Yu firmly told the policewoman that he had not been to Shanghai and could not participate in the case. So the policewoman changed his words: You are the document our captain received, the captain is not there, later I asked him to call you.

A few minutes later, Xiao Yu received a call calling himself captain of the Criminal Police Brigade of Nanchong Public Security Bureau and repeated you are suspected of abducting and selling children together.

Xiao Yu said he had never been to Shanghai and could not be associated with the case of child abduction and trafficking, and asked the captain to transfer to the Shanghai police.

To prove the innocence

260 thousand pension transferred to a cheater account

In the captain under the contact, light rain on the day of contact with the Shanghai Jiading police, the other side asked her to open a room outside the school to do a telephone transcript, and stressed that never hang up the phone to hinder the police case.

Xiao Yu opened a room near the hotel near the school. In the guesthouse, Shanghai police sent a website through QQ. Its the website of a procuratorate. It has my photos and identity information. The website mentions that Im suspected of kidnapping and selling children. This makes Xiao Yu think that his identity information may be used, so he is very cooperative with the Shanghai police.

On the phone, Xiao Yu told the other person his bank card, one of which contained about 200000 yuan. The other side reminded her that the money might be illegal gains and need to be temporarily frozen. Xiao Yu told the other person, this is my fathers death pension.

In order to prove her innocence, she went back to Yuechi on leave from school, took out the certificate of deposit of 260,000 yuan pension and deposited it in a bank card, and remitted all the money to a designated account under the instruction of Shanghai Police.

After the money was transferred, the Shanghai police told Xiao Yu that they would return all the money after finding out that they had not been involved in the case of child abduction and trafficking. Good rain believes that the body is not afraid of the shadow, and the money will definitely return.

But until July 26, after the exam, Shanghai Police has not contacted themselves, Xiaoyu hurriedly dialed the original phone, but it has been turned off. At this time, Xiao Yu realized that his fathers pension might be cheated and hurried to Guangan Yuechi County Public Security Bureau to report it.

out from under

A year later, more than 10 people involved were arrested.

Police have targeted Chen Mou, 31, of Yulin, Guangxi, with his accomplices in the Philippines. Investigators then listed Chen as a fugitive on the net, and Chen returned home.

At the end of July 2018, Chen returned to the mainland on a flight from Hong Kong to Guilin. As soon as the plane landed, it was captured by the police. After questioning, Chen admitted to the fact that he had participated in the telecommunications fraud and told Shen (female), Li (female), Cheng (female), all of whom were Chuxiong people in Yunnan, aged 20-30. By the end of September, more than 10 people including shen Mou were arrested by Yuechi police.

After the trial, shen Mou, Li and others truthfully confessed the crime of fraud. According to one account, initially she pretended to be a policeman of Nanchong Public Security Bureau to call Xiaoyu, while Li pretended to be a captain. Afterwards, the two men deduct 6500 yuan respectively.

According to Yuechi police, Chen, Shen and other people were arrested, the police are still on the other members of the fraud Gang to pursue.

People have caught up, hoping to save some losses, and believe that the law will punish them severely. Seeing the suspects being arrested one after another, now the third years rain has come out of the despair. She said that after the incident, though mother was very sad, she never blamed her. At present, Xiao Yus mother is a cleaning worker in the county town, earning 1000 yuan a month.

Ma man posing as a Chinese executive cheated money deceived 17 people were cheated 200 million

The Malaysian man, who masqueraded as a Southern Chinese, panicked as a bank employee and cashed in his credit card to get a high commission, had repeatedly succeeded in setting up a scheme to cheat money. In Hubei, Wuhan and Shiyan, 17 people were defrauded of more than 200 yuan.

The woman answered the business phone, saying that the shop was over 44 thousand.

Ms. Zhou, a Wuxi resident, received a call from a self-proclaimed Taobao shop claiming that formaldehyde in the clothes she purchased exceeded the standard and that she would double the claim. Ms. Zhou believed it was true. After adding her friend, she scanned the refund two-dimensional code sent by the other side and filled in and submitted the personal bank card and other information according to the prompt. Due to inability to submit, the other partys good intentions reminder can tell the verification code to customer service, which is operated by customer service. But not long afterwards, Ms. Zhou found that her bank card was in the form of shopping two times to spend more than 44,000 yuan, and then contact the so-called customer service when she found that the other party had been pulled black.