Hebei traffic police were killed on duty, netizens said dead well was detained for 10 days.

 Hebei traffic police were killed on duty, netizens said dead well was detained for 10 days.

According to the above-mentioned notice, at 16:00 on October 29, a netizen posted a picture of Liu Song, a five-team police officer of the traffic police detachment of our city, who died on duty on October 28 at Baoding dripping car owner group @A. Netizens Mandela benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom and faith replied in WeChat group: good death! 20 seconds to the east station, 3 points and 100 were caught by the dog town. Baoding police received a report from netizens, the first time to determine the identity of netizens Zhao Momou (40 years old, male, Qingyuan Baituan townsman). The public security organs in Qingyuan quickly carried out verification work and summoned Zhao Mou to the court at noon on October 30th. After preliminary investigation, Zhao was punished by traffic police for traffic violations some time ago, and made the above improper remarks in order to vent his personal indignation. After questioning, Zhao Moumou confessed to the fact that he was humiliating the police on the Internet. Zhao Moumou was arrested by the Qingyuan District Public Security Bureau for administrative detention for 10 days on suspicion of causing trouble.

Police warned that the Internet is not a place outside the law, everyone should be responsible for their own words, the network can not be used to vent bad emotions, intentional harm and revenge on others. According to the relevant laws and regulations of our country, the names, portraits, honors and honors of heroic martyrs are protected by law, and the deeds and spirits of arbitrary distortion, vilification and blasphemy, and denial of heroic martyrs will be investigated for legal responsibility.

Netizens issued a micro Bo called congratulations on Chongqing car accident evidence handed over to local police.

A microblogger nicknamed Master of Language 666 made inappropriate remarks about the bus crash in Chongqing. On October 30, a reporter from Beijing News learned from the network security detachment of Mianyang Public Security Bureau that the netizen was in Wuhan and illegally used other peoples information in the microblog information, and repeatedly made inappropriate remarks. He was suspected of causing trouble and had transferred his illegal evidence to the local public security organs. A number of screenshots showed that in the early morning of October 29, the netizen published a microblog article entitled Congratulations on the Chongqing Traffic Accident and then repeatedly made inappropriate remarks.

Women without a license riding motorcycle found friends circle scolded the police, wolf dog many arrested.

On the evening of September 17, Shaanxi Internet police reported a detention of a Weixin Friend Circle humiliating the police, notifying that at about 15:00 on September 12, the traffic police brigade of Lueyang County Public Security Bureau carried out routine vehicle investigation and control work. A 42-year-old woman passed by on her way to work, reminding herself that she had been seized by the police for driving a motorcycle without a license, feeling resentful, she used it. The cell phone shot a short video of about 10 seconds, and distributed wolf dog and other characters and symbols. After inspecting the information, the police of Lueyang County Public Security Bureau quickly launched an investigation and arrested Chen Mouyan on the evening of September 12. At present, the woman has been detained by the public security organ on suspicion of provocation and trouble.