The old couple were deceived by 3 million salesmen, who knew the truth and died of cerebral infarction.

 The old couple were deceived by 3 million salesmen, who knew the truth and died of cerebral infarction.

Care for each other and care for each other

Freight is scarce and snow is needed.

Grandma Ji, 77, is a retired primary school teacher. Her husband, Uncle Wang, used to be an engineer. The couple usually pay attention to health care. In April 2011, Grandma Ji met Xu Mou, a 17-year-old salesman, at a health product seminar. The young man called Aunt Chang and Aunt Short. Grandma Ji thought the young man looked very honest. She bought more than 10,000 health products from Xu somewhere for the first time.

After that, Xu was greet the old two, and often came to see him with fruit. The old mans son, who lives abroad, suddenly appears around him a young man who cares deeply for himself. Both husband and wife are very happy, thinking that it is not easy for Xu to come from other places, and they are also concerned about him.

In August 2011, Xu came to her home and told her that she was going to start a company, but she almost had money. She did not hesitate to lend Xu 30,000 yuan for emergency treatment. Within two months, Xu cried out that he was going to get married, but the money was not enough. Grandma Ji gave him 8,000 yuan in cash.

In December 2011, Xu told Grandma Ji a good news that his company had begun operation, into 100 boxes of Cordyceps sinensis health care products, business is OK, Grandma Ji is happy for Xu. But the good fortune is not long, after a period of time, Xu said that the Shanghai health care products market is now monopolized, to sell these health care products to the outside world, but shipping used to require freight. Ji Apo also hoped that Xu could return to Ben, so the transport cost she lent to Xu was up to 300 thousand yuan this year.

Fictional partners of fat and thin

But Grandma Ji did not wait for good news, Xu told Grandma Ji that her goods were not sold, temporarily unable to pay back money, but he found a called Li Chen can help him to sell these health care products, but Li Chen is also short of funds, so through Xu to find Grandma Ji also borrowed a lot of money, the money Li Chen has written an arrears slip through Xu. And handed it to Ji Po.

But what makes Jis grandmother unexpected is that the so-called sale of health care products does not exist at all, and the character Li Chen is Xus fiction, the owed are also Xus own fake.

According to Xu, he had asked for 2 million in the name of selling health care products to Grandma Ji. He was afraid that Grandma Ji would not believe him any more, so he fabricated a partner named Li Chen. When he heard that Grandma Ji was coming to look for Li Chen, he rented a house in Hangzhou and pulled a thin man playing games from the Internet cafe, pretending to be Li Chen. When Grandma Ji ran to Xiamen to see Li Chen again, Xu had no choice but to find a person again from the Internet cafe, willing only one fat man, Xu did not fear Grandma Jis query.

Debt ridden lost pension room

The death of his wife is worse than ever.

Before I met Xu, Grandma Ji and her wife lived on a well-off level, depending on the retirement pensions of engineers and teachers. In order to help Xu, the old couple not only took out all their savings, but also borrowed more than 2 million yuan from friends around them.

At that time the creditors came home, and the neighborhood committee and 110 came too. There was no way out. Both of our old couples gave their retirement cards to their families. Debt-ridden Grandma Ji and Old Man Wang had to negotiate to sell their only house and sell it for 1.28 million yuan to repay the debt. Since then, they have been homeless and have to rent a house to live.

An 80-year-old good friend of Grandma Ji and a neighbor with a disability also listened to Xus lie and lent Xu more than 500,000 yuan. Whats more painful is that Grandma Jis wife, Mr. Wang, suffered from too much pressure and physical and mental illness and died of a sudden cerebral infarction in 2017.

Xumou cheated more than 3 million yuan here, all of which were used for gambling, prostitution, penniless, can not be repaid, while the Ji Grandma is in debt of 2 million. On May 15, 2018, the Peoples Procuratorate of Jingan District took judicial relief and granted Jis grant of 23,000 yuan.

After hearing the case, the procuratorial organ held that Xu Mou, the criminal suspect, took illegal possession as the purpose, defrauded others by means of fabricating facts and concealing the truth, with a particularly large amount of money. His act had already violated Article 266 of the Criminal Law of the Peoples Republic of China and was suspected of fraud. On October 17, 2018, the Peoples Procuratorate of Shanghai Jingan District instituted a lawful indictment against Xu Mou for suspected fraud to Jingan Court.

Prosecutors statement

The old man lived frugally all his life, but was tricked to the bottom of his family by a trusted man, and even his family was destroyed. This case is a shame. Xu is making use of the kindness of Jis family, so crazy and repeatedly deceived.

Prosecutors believe that there are three main reasons for the occurrence of such cases of infringement of the rights and interests of the elderly: first, their own factors, the elderlys ability to judge things and self-protection gradually declined, the degree of identification of fraud decreased; at the same time, it has a stronger psychological need for belonging, eager to communicate with others, easy to give cheaters Opportunity. Second, family factors, in recent years, the number of elderly living alone, empty nest elderly increase, some criminals take advantage of the elderly spirit of empty weaknesses, take the initiative to greet the elderly, deceive the trust of the elderly, establish close relations with the elderly to defraud or steal property. Third, social factors, Chinas aging degree continues to rise, and the pension system and social security mechanisms need to be further improved, and the publicity of the law for the elderly needs to be strengthened.

The procurator reminded the old friends that they should have a good heart in dealing with others, but they should be cautious when dealing with money and money. Families and friends should take more care of the old people, publicize more anti-deception knowledge, so that the concept of protecting the rights and interests of the elderly really goes deep into their hearts.

Zhang Guangxing, 85, a retired cadre in Beijing, now rents a 60-square-meter house with his wife in Fengtai District, Beijing, at a monthly rent of 6,000 yuan. The old man said they had just rented the apartment in September this year. They had rented it in the basement for five months in order to save money, at a monthly rent of 700 yuan.

Longevity project selling fake health care products at high prices is fooled 5 yuan 8900 yuan

Under the banner of promoting traditional culture and filial piety, we give lectures and brainwashing to the elderly, and take the opportunity to package low-cost products into high-priced health care products which can cure all kinds of diseases and make huge profits. Reporters learned that the longevity project of the elderly sales activities in many parts of the country.