Saudi sisters were found dead in New York. They had applied for political asylum.

 Saudi sisters were found dead in New York. They had applied for political asylum.

US media said the mother of the sisters had told police that the Saudi embassy had called the family to leave the United States the day before the body was found because the sisters had applied for political asylum in the United States.

Map from New York police

The Saudi sisters, Rotana Farea, 22, and Tala Farea, 16, live in Virginia, USA, CNN reported. But last Wednesday, their bodies were found on the shore of the Hudson River in New York.

The sisters, wearing similar black tights and jackets, were tied face-to-face with tape from their waists and feet.

Although more details of the case are emerging, most of the case is still a mystery, the report said.

On Tuesday, the Saudi Consulate in the United States issued a statement saying the dead sisters were Saudi citizens and students who had been with their brothers in Washington.

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On Wednesday, the New York police released a photo of two people and appealed to the public to provide them with relevant information.

According to reports, the two men were declared dead when they were found on the Bank of the river, with no visible signs of trauma on their bodies. Forensic doctors will determine the cause and manner of their deaths.

Police initially believed the sisters jumped off a nearby George Washington Bridge and committed suicide, the Times reported. But further investigation revealed no signs of trauma indicating that it jumped off the bridge.

Sources told ABC News that investigators believed the two men were alive when they fell into the Hudson River and it was not yet clear whether they were murdered, killed themselves or accidentally.

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CNN said the investigators had gone to Virginia to start their work. The National Center for Missing and Abused Children in the United States has revealed that her sister Tara has been missing since August 24. The official website of the center said Tara might be with her sister Rotanr. Observer Web Query found that the content page could not be displayed.

The page showing the whereabouts of the missing sister is no longer visible.

According to CNN, the head of the investigation said significant progress had been made and they were trying to find out what had happened to the two young girls by asking their families and others.

CBS News quoted police as saying their mother said she had received a phone call from the Saudi Embassy in Washington the day before the body was found, ordering the family to leave the United States because the sisters had applied for political asylum.

According to reports, Tara and Rotanr moved to the United States from Saudi Arabia in 2015. Sister Rotanr was admitted to George Mason University in Virginia, but left school in spring.

Police said the sisters left their homes and disappeared in December last year for some time before being sheltered. They disappeared again in August 24th.

The magazine also referred to the death of Saudi journalist Kashuji, who was allegedly missing after entering the Saudi Consulate General in Istanbul, Turkey, while calling the sisters mysterious death.

The Saudi consulate in the United States said it would keep in touch with the sistersfamilies and appointed a lawyer to follow up the case closely, to provide support and assistance during this difficult period.

US media headlines often use mystery (suspect) or mysterious (Mystery) to describe the case.

Saudi officials told CNN that they had seen reports of political asylum applications: If this is the case, embassy officials have not yet communicated with their families about asylum seeking. We are still investigating all the details of the case.

Saudi Arabian corpses were found to be tied to face to face in New York without trauma.

At the end of October, the bodies of two Saudi sisters were found near the Hudson River in New York City. What is puzzling is that the sisters were found face to face with each other and tied together by strong tape. At present, New York police are continuing to collect relevant clues to the public.