Han Jun set up UAV combat Regiment: how frequent accidents?

 Han Jun set up UAV combat Regiment: how frequent accidents?

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Fighter Regiment (UAV) is the core force of the South Korean Armys leading future army, and is known as one of the five game changers. The UAV combat regiment, with a colonel as commander and 80 combatants under it, is equipped with various types of reconnaissance, armed, electronic warfare UAVs and multi-purpose combat UAVs, and can carry out striking missions if necessary in carrying out surveillance and reconnaissance missions against the enemy.

The South Korean Armys drone crashes occur every year, even before the installation of the drone crash occurred.

The picture shows Han Jun UAV is training.

On September 20, South Koreas military disclosed that in 2013 it launched a battalion-level reconnaissance UAV program, requiring independent technology to develop a mini UAV with a maximum speed of 80 kilometers per hour, a flight duration of more than an hour, a flight altitude of 300 to 500 meters and real-time images to be returned within three years, and that the UAV should have automatic flight. Row, automatic recovery and night reconnaissance capabilities, its performance design compared with the United States, Israel and other advanced small UAVs.

The UAV began its trial flight in 2015, but there were numerous accidents. There were eight in 2015, 12 in 2016, 13 in 2017 and 10 more in August 2018. South Koreas military says there are a variety of reasons for the failure: remote control system failure, carrier signal receiver damage, servo motor misstart, propulsion motor shutdown, GPS equipment defects and so on. Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) crash has led to the lack of reconnaissance equipment in the Korean armys urban anti-terrorism operations, and the plane crash is likely to jeopardize the personal safety of civilians.

The problem is that the drone will be officially deployed in 2019, and the drone manufacturer will be responsible for repairs and replenishments before it crashes. But if the drone crashes happen again from 2019, the ROK Army will have to pay for it. The unit price of the UAV is more than 30 million won (about 190,000 yuan), and the cost of repairs will exceed the price of the new aircraft. Unmanned aerial vehicle manufacturers said that as the UAV operator control technology proficiency, UAV crashes will decline year by year, seems to imply that the military should bear the main responsibility.

The Korean Army had planned to equip 10 of its divisional unmanned aerial vehicles by 2020, but the investigation of the crash alone would take months and the launch date would be delayed. Initially, the manufacturer promised to deliver the No. 1 by 2016, but because the airframe defect has not yet been delivered, the default penalty manufacturer alone will pay more than 40 billion won (about 245 million yuan). (author / Li Kekuan)