German Cup - Pury Sichs shooting + making Roys time to kill 3-2

 German Cup - Pury Sichs shooting + making Roys time to kill 3-2

Dortmund and Berlin United had a match in the German Cup, 2016-17 season, the same second round of the German Cup, Dortmund and Berlin League 120 minutes 1-1 draw, penalty shootouts 3-0 knock out opponents dangerous promotion. Both teams have been the only team to win the gold medal game in Germany and Germany since the start of the season.

On Dorts side, Akanji, Pishchek, Schmeirze and Toryan were injured and absent. Royce, Bilki, Sancho and Larson took turns to rest. Toprak, Weigel and Xiangchuan made their debut. In the Berlin alliance, the old defender led the future.

The 10th minute, Dorts right corner kick out, the left side of the penalty area Shigeru Xiangchuan small angle volley was blocked, the ball fell in front of Pulitsch, his volley was blocked out of the bottom line again. Prycchi left the corner kick, and Diallos joust attack was shot out by jkki Witz. Then Diallo was injured and grera was substituted.

The 23rd minute, Berlin League outside the left-hand penalty area to get a free kick, Zuli directly to the corner, the ball was Hitz flew out of the baseline. The left corner corner of the visiting team was passed, and the shot from the forbidden zone, Lenz after stopping the ball, was shot out of the cross beam by schitz. In thirty-fourth minutes, Philip passed right, and at the top of the restricted area, PRI Xi Qi left foot shot slightly higher than the crossbeam.

The 40th minute, Dahud left side of the penalty area a spike to shake a defender behind the pass, Xiangchuan Zhenshi header shot by Jikiwicz line throw out, Pulitsch to keep up with the re-shot to break the door, Dott 1-0.

Within forty-first minutes, the hood shot outside the restricted area. The first half was 1-0.

Within fifty-ninth minutes, the left foot volley outside the restricted area was slightly out of the right post.

The 63rd minute, Zuli receives the teammate left side oblique pass after the front court delivers the direct stopper, just substitutes the field 2 minutes Bolt arc top front inserts the shovel to break the door, 1-1.

The 73rd minute, Pulitsch straight, Philips right side of the penalty area inserted directly after the right foot volley shot the door again beyond the score, 2-1.

In eighty-second minutes, Philip made a step to the right in the top of the restricted area, and was shot by the visiting goalkeeper on the right foot.

The 88th minute, Hitz throws the ball not far away, was cut off by the opponent after launching a counterattack, Zuli penalty area right after receiving teammates pass the ball to the left post, Polt headed to break the door, 2-2.

In 90 minutes, both sides entered 2-2 overtime. At the beginning of the overtime game, he changed to Sancho to strengthen the attack. The 96 th minute, the Berlin League quick counter-attack, the polt single-edged ball into the restricted area behind Hitzs volley was saved by Hitz. In the 99th minute, Sanchos left-hand pass hit the visiting guard in the arm, Dort signaled to the referee to blow a penalty, the referee ignored. The 108 th minute, outside the Dott penalty area left side of the free kick, Sancho out of a curve wiped the right post out of the bottom line. In the 110th minute, Dorts free-kick was hoisted into the penalty area, and Toprak threw his head into the goal. The ball was blocked by the right post. In the 115th minute, Trimel pushed Sancho behind his back, Dort left-wing free kick, Royce turned the ball directly to the goal, the goal line was hit by Gigiwitz.

118th minutes, Friedrich was pulled down by the PRI shit restricted area. Friedrich was awarded second yellow cards and was awarded a penalty kick in Dortmund. In 121st minutes, Royce hit the penalty spot, and it was 3-2.

In the end, Dortmund relied on Royces penalty shootout 3-2 win over Berlin united to qualify for the top 16. Players Dortmund (4231): Hitz / Ashraf, Toprak, Zagadou, Diallo (14Grero) / Dahud (86Wittessel), Wigel / Wolff (91Sancho), True Sakawa (78Royce), Priscie / Philippe Berlin Union (4123) Gigiwitz / Trimel Friedrich, Schubner, Lenz/Schmidbach/Plemer, Zuli/Redondo (61Abdullahi), Anderson (61Porter), Hartler Source: Netease Sports Author: Bomber Responsible Editor: Feng Haotian_NSJS2656

In the end, Dortmund relied on Royces penalty shootout 3-2 win over Berlin united to qualify for the top 16.

Starting Line-up

Dortmund (4231): Hitz / Ashraf, Toprak, Zagadou, Diallo (14Grero) / Dahud (86Wittessel), Wigel / Wolff (91Sancho), Shirakawa Trust (78Royce), Priscie / Philip

Berlin Federation (4123) Gigiwitz/Trimmel, Friedrich, Schubner, Lenz/Schmidbach/Premmel, Zuli/Redondo (61Abdullahi), Anderson (61Port), Hartler