Tencent vice president Lin Songtao: Tencent will be content throughout the consumption Internet.

 Tencent vice president Lin Songtao: Tencent will be content throughout the consumption Internet.

Lin Songtao shared the thinking on the side of consumption Internet content ecology. 3G ushered in the era of graphics and text, the era of everyone has a microphone, the 2012 Weixin public signal on-line, ushered in the outbreak of content creation, the era of 4G comprehensive information flow and video arrival, headlines represented by information flow products swept across the entire era, to Tencent TV The video platform represented by frequency also rises, and the network comprehensive play, live broadcast and short video appear.

Lin Songtao believes that content participation is getting stronger and deeper. As 5G becomes more popular by 2020, a big historical cycle will inevitably lead to better and great new companies. Next will be a new business cycle, maybe 5G is the last cycle of mobile phones.

Lin Songtao said that more than 10 million videos were released every day after Tencents social platform 00, the short video market was still on the eve of the outbreak, the 5G era will be a nationwide video, and the future after 00 will be on the stage.

At present, the consumer behavior and participation attitude of users are changing, and the authors creative style is also changing. Lin Songtao said that Tencent will run through the consumer Internet with content, such as Weixin, QQ and other user platforms, Tencent news, Weixin public signals and other content products, such as Penguin content in the Taiwan power content industry. Lin Songtao revealed that Tencent will launch the Penguin TOP program next, which will upgrade its creative ecology in terms of creative tools, creative space, creative growth and creative investment.

At the meeting, Lin Songtao also released an original short video platform - Yoo video, product positioning for personalized accounts, content brand accounts, the main short video 1-3 minutes. (Zi Qing)