Another record? After the mid-term elections, Trump cabinet or 6 senior officials left.

 Another record? After the mid-term elections, Trump cabinet or 6 senior officials left.

Apart from the U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Haley, who will leave office at the end of this year, it is widely estimated that Justice Secretary Jean-Claude Sessions, who has been publicly criticized by Trump in the past few months, will also be out of work. Other people most likely to leave include Defense Secretary Matisse, Interior Secretary Zink, Commerce Secretary Ross and Homeland Security Secretary Nelson, according to government sources and White House advisers. If White House Chief of Staff Kelly decides to leave, Nelson, his closest ally, will follow.

Trumps allies say the presidents first criterion in choosing a successor to the cabinet is whether the other side can bring political benefits. A Republican close to the White House said Trump wanted to appoint better performers, in line with helping him get re-elected.

After two years of government administration in the United States, cabinet officials leave office. But according to the Brookings Institution, an American think tank, in the first two years of Trumps administration, cabinet turnover rates were much higher than those of Clinton, Bush and Obama at the same time. In the past two years, the staff of the White House often feel that the cabinet is out of control. Although many cabinet officials are personally loyal to Trump, they are not interested in pushing the presidents legislative and political agenda forward.

Facing the mid-term elections! The Trump camp costs 6 million dollars to buy 60 seconds of advertising.

The Trump campaign spent $6 million on advertising to boost the Republican Party in the forthcoming mid-term elections, according to a CNN interview broadcast on Tuesday by U.S. President Trumps campaign manager.