On the eve of double eleven, the Market Supervision Administration convened Ali and other business talks.

 On the eve of double eleven, the Market Supervision Administration convened Ali and other business talks.

Xinjing News (reporter Liang Chen) October 31, the State Administration of Market Supervision disclosed that on October 30 to learn and implement the e-commerce law (referred to as e-commerce law), standardize network centralized promotional activities administrative guidance seminar. According to the announcement, the General Administration of China has convened 13 network operators, including Jingdong, Baidu, Amazon China, Dangdang, Jiduo, Gome Online, American Troupe, Conglomerate, Suning Easy to Buy, Netease Koala, Alibaba, Tencent and Materialism Conference, to discuss and deploy standardized network operations and centralized promotional activities.

At the symposium, Qin Yizhi, deputy director of the General Administration of Market Supervision, briefed him on the standardization and supervision of network centralized promotional activities and the action plan of the Internet sword in 2008. Qin Yizhi said that the market supervision department attached importance to the standardized supervision of the network centralized sales promotion activities. In the past years, there were many problems in the network centralized promotional activities, such as misleading consumers by false discounts, false publicity and illegal advertising, unfair format clauses, scraping the bill to speculate in letters and restricting merchants to choose platforms.

The General Administration of Market Supervision said it hoped that network operators would conscientiously take into account the above issues, respond to consumer demands, and effectively fulfill the responsibilities of network operators in terms of platform governance, information disclosure, fair competition and consumer rights and interests protection.

Cao Lei, director of the e-commerce research center, told reporters that the symposium held before the Double Eleventh Congress sent an important signal: the General Administration of Market Supervision has been concerned that the annual Double Eleventh Congress is not only a carnival for online shopping, but also a vicious explosion of competition between various types of violations of consumersrights and interests, merchants rights and interests, and between platforms. In the rush hour, corresponding administrative guidance should be given in advance.

In addition, Cao Lei said, this years Double Eleventh has two new backgrounds: first, the electronic commerce law will be formally implemented next year on New Years Day, making the corresponding regulatory law. Double eleven is undoubtedly a touchstone for the forthcoming implementation of the e-commerce law; second, the Fair will be held soon, just a week before the double eleven, foreign brands and institutions are concerned about Chinas double eleven, if involving counterfeit goods, will be extra attention. The General Administration of market supervision can say that it is a rainy day to remind every business platform.

Reporters found that the official website disclosed that under market supervision, the Department of Internet Trading Supervision, Antitrust Bureau, Price Supervision and Competition Bureau, Advertising Supervision Department, Quality Supervision Department, Food Management Department all participated in the forum. Cao Lei believes that this means that the General Administration of Market Supervision attaches great importance to this, is its active administrative performance.

In August 31st, the electricity supplier law was adopted. Dong Yizhi, a lawyer at Shanghai Yida Law Firm, believes that the promulgation of the E-commerce Law is due to the urgent need for a perfect law as a new industry, to become a model of the industry, guide the development of the industry, and better adjust the relationship between consumers and e-commerce operators, operators in the platform.