Some new properties in Beijing have been sold at a discount price.

 Some new properties in Beijing have been sold at a discount price.

Firm regulation of the property market, so that the first-tier cities can not afford, there are reports that Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, and other places, there have been discounted new projects. Also facing the pressure of inventory in the Beijing market, in October has also significantly accelerated promotional efforts: some directly reduced prices to introduce time-limited special housing, some began to reduce the allocation of refined decoration to rough, and some even frankly buy luxury cars, in order to cater to buyers. Many of these projects are located in areas that have been hit by housing snatches, but even so, all kinds of promotions have been ineffective. Institutional data show that only 14.7% of Beijings new houses are signed, even if the number of unsigned houses is calculated, the total proportion is only 30%. At the same time, with the acceleration of land supply, the potential supply of limited competitive housing will reach 200,000 units in the future, and the sale of the property market is feared to face further pressure.

Some developers say buy a house to send a Cayenne.

Entering October, with the acceleration of new housing forensics, the sales pressure of each project is rare in recent years. Starting from the 11th, various kinds of price reduction promotional projects began to appear, and even some limited prices of competitive housing projects, the actual opening price is even much lower than the stipulated price.

During the Eleventh Five-Year Plan period, Shijingshan opened three limited auction houses, Vanke Jade Hill Xiao, Ocean Wuli Spring and Autumn Festival, Greentown Xifu Begonia, was thought to encounter a snap-up of a room difficult to obtain, because Shijingshan District has not added residential projects into the market for many years, but in fact, the three projects have introduced different degrees of preferential treatment, the actual signing. The price is even below the limit of 52024 yuan per square meter. Some of the three projects offered a discount of 9.9%, others directly reduced the opening price by 2,000 yuan, and others directly reduced the total housing payment by 300,000 yuan.

Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that, with once difficult to find a room is, even if the low opening or price reduction, these new limited auction room is still not open sunlight, can open to sell 2/3 is quite good. According to statistics from the Central Plains Real Estate Research Center, the Beijing property market has entered 25 projects, a total of 15,628 limited auction units in 29 phases, but only 2,292 sets of online signatures, 14.7% of the contract, the average price of the contract is 49,962 yuan per square meter. Even if only about 30% of the total number of unsigned properties is counted, 10,000 to 20,000 restricted auction units are expected to enter the market in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Obviously, the sale of restricted sales is not smooth. Will the ordinary commercial housing of the non competitive housing be better?

Beijing Qingdao reporter recently visited the park, located in the west of the South China Railway Overseas Chinese Town Heyuan project recently launched a buy a house to send a card banquet activity. According to the sales staff, buying a house for a Porsche Cayenne is not an activity that covers all types of rooms, only for the next jump in the project type. At present, the project is pushing two to four of 121-290 square meters, which is a common commercial house with no price limit. The main force of Xiayaohu is 220-290 square meters, which is divided into ground and underground floors. The average price of the project is 67,000 yuan per square meter, and the total price of Xiayaohu is more than 15 million yuan. The official website of Porsche Cayenne shows that the price is equivalent to about 6% of the price, which is priced at 918 thousand yuan.

Heyuan is located in the most concentrated area of the Yizhuang Restriction, north is the Old Palace Plate, in the sale of Pauli Heyuelin average price of 52315 yuan / square meters; eastward is Yizhuang Plate, the first ocean Xirui Tianzhu, and Yuehua brocade average price is only 5 yuan / square meters; South Yinghai Plate, Wanhe Feili and Yinghai Prefecture are all. The average price is 52,449 yuan per square meter, and the average price of Jindi Yue Fenghua and Yijing Wanhe is about 55,000 yuan per square meter from a little farther west to Huangcun area, which leads to no competitive advantage in the average price of 67,000 yuan per square meter of Heyuan. The marketing director of a project in Yizhuang District told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter that, in addition to the fact that Heyuan had an opening last year, the old owner dared not easily relax the price, so there is such a routine as buying a house and giving a card banquet.

Some industry insiders said that it seems that the original should not worry about the sale of limited competitive housing have encountered sales difficulties, ordinary high-priced commercial housing, but also pressure mountain. And due to the large number of restricted market entry, the market expected a significant change. Individual developers have to stimulate the market by secretly lowering the price limit of competitive housing, but the results are very little. The industry believes that, as a whole, such a low rate of going to the market is unexpected.

It is important to know that a project like Heyuan was once a hot-selling housing snatch in Beijing. The project is near Nanhaizi Park. It travels along Dexian Road and the Fifth Ring Road. The neighboring residential improvement projects, especially the residential projects near Dexian Road, were once sold to more than 80,000 yuan/square meter. In 2015-2016, the regional projects They even need to queue up for housing.

But now, with the limited auction as the main new offer to increase supply, the style of the property market began to change from not to sell.

According to the statistics of the Central Plains Market Research Department of Beijing, from September 30, 2016, the Beijing land market began to use the price limit, competitive land price to supply residential land. As of October 24, this year, the Beijing land market has supplied 90 pieces of land, 67 pieces of land, and the transaction area has reached 9.31 million square meters. There are about 90 thousand restrictions on commercial housing.

In the actual market, Beijing has 27 limited auction projects to obtain pre-sale certificates, a total supply of 15,000 sets, the project is mainly distributed between the fifth and sixth rings, the main 90 square meters of three homes, the main price segment is basically concentrated in 4.5 million-5 million per set.

From the regional certification situation, Daxing regions sales pressure is particularly great, there are eight limited auction projects into the market, a total of 5296 sets of supply, supply area 5347,000 hectares, the number of sets accounted for 33.86% of the total supply of limited auction.

In addition, according to the previous Beijing land supply plan, as of October 18, the Beijing land market has been listed for sale (in 2019) residential land 7, 695,000 hectares of supply, is expected to be able to develop about 7,000 sets of limited auction. The future land market will also be listed 16, the supply area of 1.95 million hectares of residential land, is expected to be able to limit the development of about 20,000 sets of competitive housing.

Recently, Beijing Land Bureau plans to put up 66 residential land supply, 9.33 million square meters of supply area, Beijing Central Plains real estate is expected, these new land is expected to be able to develop about 100,000 sets of limited competitive housing. If combined with the previous land transactions and new land supply, Beijings limited supply of competitive housing is expected to reach 217,000 sets. There will be about 200 thousand sets of potential supply in the future.

Stocks began to climb again after 45 months.

On the one hand is not sold out of the house, on the other hand is a continuous influx of new offers, the stock market will inevitably increase. The latest inventory report of 100 new residential buildings in Baicheng, released by the Research Institute of E-housing, shows that since January 2015, the inventory scale of 100 new residential buildings in China has been declining continuously, while the inventory scale has increased significantly in September this year, the first significant increase since the 45-month decline.

It is reported that by the end of September 2008, the total inventory of newly built commercial housing in 100 cities monitored was 435 million square meters, an increase of 2.9% compared with the previous year.

Industry insiders believe that the stock data of 100 new residential buildings rose significantly in September, indicating that the stock trend ushered in a turning point, the fourth quarter will return to the upstream channel.

Yan Yuejin, director of research at the think-tank center of Yiju Research Institute, said the rise in inventory data for 100 cities nationwide in September showed that the supply scale was large and the effect of market degrading was general. Inventory trend also makes housing enterprises marketing pressure increased, and then more dependent on price change strategy. Of course, on the other hand, the increase in inventory size, to a certain extent, also solved the current urban inventory shortage and shortage of state, but also increased the room for buyers to negotiate.

Detailed to the urban structure, the data in the report show that by the end of September 2008, the total inventory of 100 cities on the first, second, third and fourth lines of new commodity residential buildings were 0.24 billion square meters, 222 million square meters and 189 million square meters, respectively, with the growth rates of 3.9%, 2.4% and 3.4% respectively, and the growth rates of 7.2%, 9.2% and - 2.3% respectively. It can be seen that the inventory growth rate of the first tier cities is obviously higher than that of the two or three tier cities. This means that the first tier cities are entering the replenishment stage. The second tier cities and the three or four tier cities continued to narrow down despite the year-on-year decline.

Yan Yuejin predicts that in the last two months of this year, the pace of issuing pre-sale certificates will still be accelerated, and the supply scale will still be in flux. And the market wait-and-see mood is still relatively strong in the near future, the market trading is difficult to say clearly rebound, so the size of residential inventory may continue to climb. Such inventory trends will continue to force housing companies to take the initiative to reduce prices to speed up the demineralization of saleable items and achieve annual sales targets.

Source: Beiqing Net - Beijing Youth Daily editor: Wang Zheng _NN7526