Taiwans three middle cases session Ma Ying-Jeou reiterated: I have no crime.

 Taiwans three middle cases session Ma Ying-Jeou reiterated: I have no crime.

The Three Middle Schools case originated from Taiwans Radio and Television Law amendment requiring the party, government and army to withdraw from the media, with China TV, China Guangzhou and China Film KMT began to sell to the outside world. You Xikun, then Taiwans Chief Executive, and others filed a complaint, questioning the KMTs sale of an equity stake worth more than $15 billion (NT$, the same below) to other companies for $4 billion. He was suspected of underselling the partys property and helping the KMT to hide and hide the proceeds of crime from its delinquency. In July this year, prosecutors in Taipei prosecuted Ma Ying-jeou and others for breach of faith and other crimes, to create a positive political image for the gain of reputation... It caused 7 billion 300 million yuan damage to the Kuomintang.

Im not guilty, Ma Ying-jeou said in court the same day when he was chairman of the Kuomintang to deal with the three cases background, and named Mrs. Chen Shui-bian Wu Shuzhen and then press secretary Yao Wenzhi with political force to block the transaction. He said that the Radio and Television Law required the political parties to withdraw from the broadcasting and television business on December 26, 2005, dealing with the partys property is very urgent, but the ruling Democratic Progressive Party everywhere suppressed and obstructed, the Kuomintang had to find another buyer, but prosecutors not only ignored these facts, but also deliberately intercepted the tape content at that time to distort the content. The way I speak is totally unacceptable to me.

According to the Lianhe Evening News, Cai Zhengyuan, a former KMT policy executive, was charged with embezzlement of the assets of China Shadow and detained for four months during the investigation. He questioned the judge on Oct. 31. Prosecutors searched his home in July last year and found no evidence of the crime. During his detention, he was questioned by the prosecution many times, but all of them were questioning Ma Ying-jeou.

For the facts mentioned by Ma Ying-Jeou, DPP stakeholders strongly argue. Chen Shuibian son Chen Zhizhong said in October 31st, personal responsibility for personal manufacturing, please do not drag the horse before the president. Yao Wenzhi, who is running for mayor of Taipei, responded by saying that he was a kind reminder to people who are interested in buying the party property and that Ma Ying-jeou was nonsense. The Kuomintang, on the other hand, said that a thorough political case would have been handled if the administration of justice looked at the disposal at that time in terms of the present statute and wanted to convict the horse. According to Zhongshi Electronic Daily, Ma Ying-jeou has yet to settle two cases, namely, the land case of the National Development Court and the case of Fubang merging with Beibei Bank.

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