Shenzhen University sends some transcripts to parents of some professional students.

 Shenzhen University sends some transcripts to parents of some professional students.

It is reported that recently, Shenzhen University has sent some professional studentsparents student transcripts, including all semester transcripts, transcript notes, a letter to parents, and counselors form of contact!

Shenzhen University also launched an interactive topic at official micro-blog. How do you feel about sending your results to your home?

Is the University transcript sent home, for fear of fear?

What kind of operation is it to send a transcript?

It is reported that many parents of Shenzhen Universitys Faculty of Life and Marine Sciences, Grades 2016 and 2017, received an EMS courier containing a letter to their parents, transcripts and conversion methods.

Not only that, in order to maximize the prevention of some students play carefully, express content clearly printed on the package.

The school also paid the postage very closely.

It is understood that this transcript is only sent to the 2016 and 2017 grade parents of the Academy of Sciences.

It is not yet clear whether to send it to other majors or other grades.

Source: School Education Department

Some students are in a panic, and others are making suggestions.

Some students are too nervous to sit still.

The idea of a courier was launched.

Some students worry that their flurry will attract parents attention:

Many people have seen the trend, which is not far from the strict admission and strict exit of universities.

Sending transcripts from universities is not a new operation. Some people question privacy.

In netizens comments, many people say that the schools performance at home is no longer a new operation.

According to Jiangnan Metropolitan Daily, many universities in Jiangxi Province, including Nanchang University and Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, send some or all of their studentstranscripts to their parents so that they can understand their childrens learning and living conditions.

This practice of East China Jiaotong University has been persistent for more than 20 years. Yang Dongming, then director of the Department of Academic Engineering of East China Jiaotong University, said, If the studentsgrades are not satisfactory, the parents will certainly have some pressure on the students after receiving the transcripts, but the students are adults. We believe that this pressure will be translated into their study. Motivation motivates them to really learn in college.

The practice of Shenzhen University has also been supported by many parents.

But there are students who question the move to infringe on the privacy of adult students.

This view has also been refuted by many netizens.

The school sends transcripts to parents. What do you think? Source: China Youth Daily editor: Guo Ping _B7442

The school sends transcripts to parents. What do you think?