Female passengers get off the taxi to open the door and ride the bike to bear the responsibility of the driver.

 Female passengers get off the taxi to open the door and ride the bike to bear the responsibility of the driver.

On March 29, a passenger, Zheng Qixi, was ready to open the right back door to get off the bus after a taxi with a license plate of Xiang AT3491 was parked near the Tiantian Square in Furong District of Changsha. She happened to meet Ren who was driving an electric car. Ren because the speed is too fast, hit the car door directly to the ground.

After the incident, Zheng called her friend and sent the injured Ren to the hospital at the first time. After a few days of treatment, Ren died of ineffective rescue. Memories of the incident, Zheng Qianqian still lingering fear. After the identification by the traffic police department, in this accident, taxi driver Xia Pengfei assumed the main responsibility, passenger Zheng Qixi assumed secondary responsibility, the deceased assumed no responsibility.

The driver Xia Pengfei has been criminally responsible for causing any death. He has been approved by the prosecution for arrest.

The taxi company of the plaintiff believed that it was the passenger Zheng Xi-xi who had not noticed the hidden safety hazards in the rear when she got off the bus that caused the accident and should bear all the liability for compensation. The defendant argued that the taxi driver Xia Pengfei did not stop according to traffic regulations, and even when the passengers got off the bus, he did not fulfill the duty of reminding.

In addition, the defendant believed that in the accident, the deceased should assume corresponding responsibilities. Because at the time of the incident, Ren not only did not drive in the non-motorized lane, and the speed of the car is very fast, and even may have drunk.

With the permission of the court, Zheng Qianqian invited witnesses to testify in court.

The plaintiff disagreed. In the courtroom, the original defendants argued fiercely and submitted evidence respectively. The court will administer the sentence after further hearing.

An easy move.

An accidental negligence.

It is possible to cause tragedy.

Look at the GIF diagram below.

Its all about driving the car door open.


Drivers and passengers please pay attention.

Please use Lotus door method to get off.


The Dutch Door Opening Method means that the door is always opened with the hand farther away from the door, thus reducing the visual blind area. In this way, the upper body also rotates inertially, and the head and shoulders naturally rotate. In the process of rotation, the eyes first pass through the rearview mirror to observe the situation behind the car. After turning around, the eyes naturally look out and backward.

This complete movement can better see if there are pedestrians or vehicles behind the car, thus avoiding many unnecessary accidents. On the contrary, if the door is opened with a hand close to the door, the driver will naturally push the door outward without paying special attention to the rear conditions, and have no time to observe the rear conditions.

The first view of Hollywood door

The choice of parking place can not affect other vehicles and pedestrians, the distance between parking and the roadside should be controlled at 20-30 cm; in addition to the driver, passengers try to get off the right side of the car.

Before opening the door, one should observe the situation of vehicles and pedestrians before and after opening the door. The driver should remind the passengers to open the door after confirming the safety.

Open a slit before you open the door, and then slowly open it to remind passing vehicles and pedestrians to prevent rubbing.

Please pay attention to cyclists and pedestrians! Watch and slow down when passing a vehicle parked on the roadside. Keep the lateral distance from the vehicle, especially for cyclists. Wear a helmet to travel safely. The source of this article: the editor of political and legal channels: Gu Ying _NN6577

Please pay attention to cyclists and pedestrians!

After passing by the roadside vehicles

To observe + decelerate

Pay attention to maintaining lateral distance with vehicles.

Especially for cyclists, please wear helmets.

Safe trip!