Megan recognized the old netizens in a crowd and shouted my God.

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 Megan recognized the old netizens in a crowd and shouted my God.

Oct. 31, Oct. 30, local time, Prince Harry and Princess Megan Markel visited the northern city of Auckland, New Zealand, overpass harbor met many fans, one of whom surprised Megan.

According to the Daily Express, Harry and his wife, accompanied by New Zealands Prime Minister Aden, met with local people on the same day. When Megan saw a woman in the crowd, she suddenly grew up her mouth, shouted My God, and embraced the female fan, Hannah Segal. Hannah cried excitedly, saying she didnt expect Megan to recognize her among thousands of fans and hug her. Megan accepted Hannas letter to her, said he would read it carefully, and thanked Hanna for keeping in touch with her.

Megan and Hanna embraced. (source: GettyImage)

Megan and Segal were once netizens on social media Instagram for the first time, the report said. After marriage with Prince Harry, Megan had to close his account. We used to chat online a lot, and Megan always encouraged me to get through college and be brave, Segal said. Siegel will ask Megan how he is doing every day. Megan will also comment on the self portrait taken by sergeant. Segel, a 20-year-old fan of Megan, made a special page for Megan on Twitter in 2015, and wrote in the page description, All the information about Megan Markel, Duchess of Sussex.

Prince Harry and Megan ended their 16-day trip to the South Pacific Ocean Wednesday with New Zealand as their last stop. The royal couple announced earlier this month that they would have their first child, and Megan is expected to give birth in the spring of 2019. During the New Zealand period, Megans baby protruding display has been displayed. Source: overseas web editor: Ji Xue Ying _NN6784