The Japanese anime behind the dunk player will be a big tear.

 The Japanese anime behind the dunk player will be a big tear.

Im sure friends who have seen the slam dunk animated version will be impressed by this passionate finale, but perhaps little-known is that the Black Mosesmost widely circulated finale. Its just one of the four pieces of the slam dunk animation. In addition to Just Staring at You, there are Up to the End of the World and two less well-known Catching the Flash and My Friends.

In fact, according to the original plan of the animation producer, by Sakai Quanshui lead singer, as the final axis of the My Friends should be the highlight of the four songs, but because the original author of Dunk Master Yoshihiko Inoue in the animation production process and the producer of contradictions (mainly because Inoue thinks that the animation made too much Unreal ), which resulted in animation being cut short of the original comic book, andMy Friends,which was originally scheduled to be used during the National Contest, only appeared in the last 19 episodes.

To a certain extent, this change has made My Friends less popular in China than Just Stare at You at the end of the first film. Four years later, similar events were repeated in the animated film Little China Runs Home. Big Black Mosquitos Empty still leaves far more people than Sakais Empty. I cant breathe.

However, anime belongs to anime, and reality comes to reality. The above problem does not prevent Sakai Izumis popularity in China and Japan from exploding Maki Ohguro. The history of the dunkerstearing and pressing starts with the Beijing company where the Dunkers work together.

In the 1990s, Japan entered the lost decade because of the economic crisis. At that time, Japanese music gradually entered the transition period, during which Beijing emerged as Japans most famous music production company, during which the companys total sales reached 45 billion yen, so that it endorsed the era of Japanese music specialist. The term beingboom (being big bang) is called a noun.

Unlike the average music company, the average company will try to promote artists and works, because in the music industry, the publicity cost of music works may even be higher than the production cost. But Being has taken a different approach by restricting the number of singersconcerts so that fans cant get enough information about the singer and can only wait for their new work.

But Beijing didnt block all marketing channels. In the 1990s, most of Beijings songs were tied up with the seasons animated-up campaigns, animated works with hot topics and publicity resources, and songs produced by Mystery Beijing, forming a natural mutual help group in publicity.

And this propaganda method naturally needs the matching trump artists. Sakai Izumi is the most perfect marketing work of mysterious department of being company, a cold beauty who is clean, not good at words, excels in creation, focuses on music, conserves even to skirts, and in the world after the collapse of the economic bubble. Singing youth and warmth with a soft, hard, clear voice. Against the backdrop of Japans recession in the 1990s, this kind of gentle encouragement was a perfect social comfort.

In 1993, Sakais Dont Lose became the national gold, and she and her band, Zad, became the hottest female singer in Japan. Later, the popularity remained high, known as the goddess by tens of millions of people, and with the unexpected death of Sakai Spring in 2007, this worship is more complete deification, its group in China will be called sister, and Zhang Guorong fans will be called brother has the same work place.

But in fact, the popularity of Sakai Spring is full of all kinds of accidental, and even the fairy name of Sakai Spring was later changed - in 1988, when the ordinary girl named Yukiko Puchi was still working as a receptionist in the bank, the result was found by the star detectors as a model, but for a long time, she all Its unknown, and even has to be done in photo albums, in movies and TV dramas, and in MVs (and still can be found on the Internet in photo-realistic photos that have been badly damaged by later generations).

In August 1990, Bangjing was rejected in the chorus selection of Beijing, but President Hu Daxin was able to dig it out. In February of the following year, Bangjing and her band ZARD announced that they were successful. Good-bye MyLonelines became a hit, and the company began to work hard to create the mysterious system of Sakai Springs.

Its not uncommon in Japan, where seniority is a big concern, for Banis preference is evident. At the same time, Dark Moses, who has been in the club for three years, is still waiting for a chance to go.

But after entering Beijing, the companys star trail seems to have hit the South wall. Because of its poor appearance, the company has no plans to let it go, just to play a chorus role in each song.

After joining the club for three years, personal achievement has stagnated, but those who are around have been flying for a long time. We can imagine how depressed it was during this period (it even left the company for a while and flew to the United States for distraction). Although the companys so-called mystery publicity method has brought great benefits to Sakai Spring, but because of the big black Moses bold style of personal work incompatible with the poor results, due to no exposure + unique voice of other Japanese female singers, Japan even once there was a so-called big black Moses actually does not exist. Their voices are all crazy rumors made by computers.

Around 2002, Beng deliberately wrote staff + the Dark Moses in the column of all its original lyrics after the departure of Dark Moses, implying that Dark couldnt write (and that Sakai was named a gifted woman for his ability to choose his own lyrics), the companys favoritism strategy, and the individual. Disappointment, this obviously becomes a fuse of the so-called torn event in the future of Dark Moses and Sakai Springs.

On May 25, 2007, Dark Moses said in a TV program that he could only sing to some people when he was young because of his poor appearance, but only because of his lovely appearance and shape.

(original words: who is going to match your disgusting voice? Sure enough, to sing at last depends on face and figure. I really dont know how it works.

As soon as this remark was uttered, it immediately aroused tremendous repercussions, and it was taken for granted that it was interpreted as the downfall of Sakais springs. To know that at that time, Sakai Spring was hospitalized for cancer, and cancer cells have spread, the disease is not optimistic.

But what made the situation uncontrollable happened one day after the shows exposure --- on May 26, when he accidentally fell from a three-meter staircase during a walk in the hospital, and then on May 27, the 15th anniversary of the official launch of the Dark Moses --- Sakai died of brain damage.

Naturally, sad fans took their course by pointing their finger at the Black Moses, whose blog was blown up, and fans vowed to destroy all the records. On May 30th, Okai Mori attended the funeral of Sakai Spring and cried bitterly at the funeral, only reluctantly appeased the incident.

But soon, what the Black Moses said in an interview many years ago was unearthed -- The color of the spring sauce is something Ill never be able to look at. Next time remember to ask me for a harmony. This is what Maki Ohguro said in an interview in 1999. And her series of statements were naturally regarded as evidence of hypocrisy and hypocrisy.

To this day, there are still discussions about the relationship between the two people in the forum of China and Japan. Just because the people are dead, we naturally can not know the idea of Sakai Spring, and taboo for the deceased, Daihei can not make any other remarks about Sakai Spring. The experience and environment of Sakai Spring and the Great Dark Moses do create an atmosphere of complex entanglement, with the passage of time, the details and authenticity of the story are gradually weathered, leaving only feelings.

After Sakais death, the company did not keep up with the tide and the band zard, with Sakais core, gradually entered a similar situation with Beyond, and subsequent music activities began to focus on mourning and selection, described by some harsh netizens as making money for the dead.

After years of being unhappy with Beijing, she chose to leave. She was proud of her strength. After nearly a decade, she was also proud of herself. The price was paid for her singular voice, which was accelerated by the 1997 concert tour --- a two-hour concert in which the Dark Moses roared all the way to the ninetieth minute singing of Just Watching You. Her voice was almost hoarse, and she was on top of it in one breath. In 2010, three years after the death of Sakamoto springs, Maki Ohguro basically entered a retreat.

But fortunately, Sakai died of cervical cancer that had not been effectively controlled, and not long after his retirement, he underwent the same hysterectomy as Sakai. In 2016, when Dark Moses returned and sang the new theme song lielielielie lie for Detective Conan, it suddenly seemed to occur to people that Sakai fountain sang for the original animated version of Detective Conan and that the song was named Turning the Wheel of Destiny.

From Dunkers to masters of Chinas smallholders to detective Conan, Mori and Sakai appear in the same cartoon theme album once again, and the so-called life is like a drama, perhaps no better. Source: NetEase sports writer: Pan Zhili editor in charge: Zhou Juntao _NS4573

From Dunkers to masters of Chinas smallholders to detective Conan, Mori and Sakai appear in the same cartoon theme album once again, and the so-called life is like a drama, perhaps no better.