Waltons self accusation performance is low because he is not active enough.

 Waltons self accusation performance is low because he is not active enough.

I have to rebound, get involved, play more energy, do everything that makes me feel alive, Bauer said.

Asked if poor form was caused by a knee injury that had lasted five months without playing, Bauer said no.

Its just not doing my duty, not doing what I should do, Bauer said.

Bauer started the season as a substitute, and then he started because of Rondos ban. In the past two games, he did look lazy at times, scoring only 10 points, 4 assists, 3 rebounds, and making four mistakes. Outline shots were only 9-2.

There are a lot of different ways that well all try, Lakers coach Walton Jr. said. Whether its tough on him, encouraging him, or creating more tactics for him, well see. He is just a young guard. We will continue to guide him and continue to help him.

On Thursday, the Lakers played against the lone ranger, and Walton Jr. didnt reveal whether he would reconsider adjusting his starting lineup.

In the past seven games, when Bauer was on the court, the Lakers had a net loss of 44 points, while in Rondos four games, the Lakers had a net win of 17 points.

To get more into the game and follow the pace, Bauer said. As soon as I get the rebound, its very important for our team to push the ball, shoot hollow shots and play good defense.

You can see that we are still studying and are still looking for answers. We have so many talented players in this team and we have to put everything together.