To the United States to have children intermediary to cool? Media: looks beautiful every step is pit.

 To the United States to have children intermediary to cool? Media: looks beautiful every step is pit.

Trump said in an interview Sunday that he would sign an executive order banning the citizenship of children born to the United States by illegal immigrants, US media reported on October 30. Were the only country in the world where someone comes in and gives birth to a child and that child becomes a natural citizen of the United States (no, at least 30 countries have a birth as a citizen policy, a small editorial), Trump said, explaining the rationale for the idea, Its ridiculous, it has to be ended.

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Although it is doubtful whether Trump can abolish birth citizenship by administrative order alone, since he took office, he has built a wall, repatriated immigrants, separated flesh and bones... A series of policies and comments highlight the tough attitude towards immigrants.

When the news came out, some people thought that the industrial chain of Chinas children born in the United States might be cool. Over the past decade, the number of Chinese births in the United States has risen year by year. In 2016, the number is conservatively estimated at more than 80,000. But is it really beautiful to be an American kid?

Looking at the advertisements advertised by intermediaries, the advantages of producing children in the United States are:

1. Being born in the U.S. and enjoying social and medical benefits, you can get a pension even if you havent been back to the U.S. for a lifetime.

2. The child can be brought back to China at the full moon and enjoys 13 years of free compulsory education from public primary school to high school in the United States.

3. Have a low threshold to enter a famous American university, tuition fees for foreign students 10% - 50%, enjoying special scholarships and low interest rate grants.

4. Citizens born in the United States can only serve in the United States government, federal units and enterprises. Key positions such as official military affairs, defense diplomacy, high-tech and core laboratories are strictly limited to American citizens and even run for president.

When you are 5.21 years old, you can apply for permanent green card for your parents.

6., enjoy nearly 200 diplomatic relations, free entry, entry and exit is very convenient.

But in fact... From immigration to the birth and growth of children, every step may be a pit.

Some pregnant women often apply for a tourist visa when they apply for a visa or enter the country, and receive special training from intermediaries before departure to hide the fact that they are going to the U.S. visa office. However, if they obtain a tourist visa by providing false information to the U.S. government, they may be guilty of visa fraud. In 2016, under the guidance of an intermediary company, a woman in Beijing, Lu, who tried to enter the United States by landing in Saipan, was refused entry at the local customs and repatriated directly.

In the movie Beijing meets Seattle, the heroine conceals her pregnancy and falsely claims that the trip can enter the country.

Month center service? At stake!

Even if the entry is successful, there may be a variety of potential safety hazards in the Moon Center, some health worries, poor food, a room filled with several pregnant women, and some even no relevant qualifications, may be checked at any time.

Police probe into Chinese monthly center

In March 2015, federal law enforcement agencies raided more than 20 sub centers in southern California. Some policewomen disguised as pregnant women entered the center and found a series of cases, such as helping pregnant women forge false information or visas, asking pregnant women to pretend to be local residents and apply to the U.S. government for low-income. These practices are suspected of visa fraud, welfare fraud, tax evasion and money laundering, each of which is punishable by imprisonment ranging from one year to five years.

Good medical conditions in the United States? There is a hidden danger!

In March 2014, a mainland pregnant woman who had a second child in southern California died of postpartum hemorrhage. The Orange County High Court in California ruled that the attending doctor had committed gross negligence, and the doctor defended himself, arguing that the tragedy was due to inadequate communication with the woman. Language barriers, unfamiliarity with the U.S. medical process, and the fact that family members may not be able to attend in time are all hidden dangers for pregnant women going to the United States to have children.

The husband of a dead woman carries a picture of his wife and eldest son (from the US Chinese website).

What are the benefits of American household registration? No job, no discussion!

There are many kinds of welfare in the United States, but it is not enjoyed by nationality. Zhao Ningning, a partner of Beijing Jincheng Tongda (Shanghai) Law Firm and a foreign lawyer, said that in the United States, medical insurance is usually purchased by employers. Without stable employment, medical insurance can not be obtained only with household registration and needs to be purchased by oneself.

Medicaid benefits can be applied for in particularly poor circumstances, but the states have different requirements for the qualifications of applicants. Apart from low income, they must also meet the conditions of age, disability, legal immigration and so on. Old-age security also needs to plan for itself, such as spending money on commercial insurance, so as to ensure a more comfortable life. Fundamentally speaking, if we do not work in the United States, many so-called high welfare can not be mentioned.

Have a good nationality? Maybe two ends empty!

Many parents who choose to go to the United States believe that their children have American citizenship and are free to choose and enroll in all schools in the United States when they go to college, without competing for a limited number of international students with people around the world.

American children can enjoy 13 years of free compulsory education in public schools, but children can not be alone in the United States when they are young and must follow the guardians life. When children start school, parents can go to the United States as guardians to accompany them, but those who follow the rules can not work in the United States, which requires a certain financial basis for the family.

Although U.S. universities are open to all U.S. children when they are enrolled, it is not much less difficult to apply to a prestigious school if the child has been educated at home. Public universities offer preferential tuition fees to students in the state, but they must meet the conditions for a certain number of years of residence and tax payment in the state.

Can American baby parents emigrate? Conditions!

According to the agency, children of American nationality can apply for a green card for their parents and siblings after they reach 21, which is called dependent immigration. Relative immigration is more advantageous than other forms of immigration, because after completing the application process, relatives can get a green card to enter American life, work, and then further apply for citizenship.

However, it should be noted that immigration by relatives is also conditional, to provide immigration guarantees, guarantors to hold the United States green card or nationality, while possessing a certain economic strength. The guarantor shall not earn less than 125% of federal poverty income within a certain period.

Finally, local residentsdisgust and protest against the influx of pregnant women into the United States to give birth is also a problem that should not be ignored. Opposition demonstrations and demonstrations took place in the community gathered at the center of the month. This also poses a threat to the safety of pregnant women waiting to give birth, and incidents of discrimination and attacks against pregnant women have occurred in some places.

Seventy residents of Chino Hills, a suburb east of Los Angeles, raised signs at a crossing to protest the opening of a Chinese Moon Center in the community.

Unlike the brilliant propaganda of intermediaries and the Moon Son Center, there are still shadows and less beautiful visions of children going to America. For most people, staying in their own country, building a better country and creating a better environment may be the biggest thing for their childrens future. Responsibility. Source: Voice of China editor: Gu Ying _NN6577

Unlike the brilliant propaganda of intermediaries and the Moon Son Center, there are still shadows and less beautiful visions of children going to America. For most people, staying in their own country, building a better country and creating a better environment may be the biggest thing for their childrens future. Responsibility.