The police sacrificed for the rescue of the child: the driver was towed for 200 meters by the suspect and still did not let go.

 The police sacrificed for the rescue of the child: the driver was towed for 200 meters by the suspect and still did not let go.

Yan Yuechun, an ordinary policeman of the Criminal Investigation Brigade of Yuhuan Public Security Bureau, is also the father of two children. Late in the evening on October 27, in order to save the children of others, he was driven by a murderer hit the guardrail, towed more than 200 meters, but refused to let go. When his comrade-in-arms found him in the blood-stained grass, his fingers bent slightly as if trying to catch something.

Race against time failed to save young life. At 2 oclock in October 28th, Yan Yuechun, who was only 40 years old, died heroically.

Life and death rescue: dragged 200 meters still do not let go.

Criminal police, one of the highest risk factors in public security ranks. Thirteen years ago, Huang Lingping, an internal police officer of the criminal investigation team of Yuhuan Public Security Bureau, experienced a life-and-death parting. Zhang Xiucheng, a comrade-in-arms, died bravely in the process of arresting the murderer. She did not expect that the wound that had been smoothed was once again severely torn open when she was about to say goodbye to the police force.

At about 20:00 p.m. on October 27, a rush of alarm sounded to Yan Yuechun, who was on duty. A citizen reported that his 12-year-old daughter had been kidnapped and taken away. Yan Yuechun and his colleagues rushed to the local police station immediately and learned that the suspect had a dispute with the former wife of the police, Lin Moufeng, a Shaanxi man named Liang Mou. In order to save the child as soon as possible, Yan Yuechun decided to take Lin Moufeng and the suspect to meet at the Lupu high-speed exit in Yuhuan.

At this time, Liang is almost crazy, continue to drive forward, trying to throw off Yan Yuechun, but he still dead to seize the suspect refused to let go, the car wiped the guardrail deliberately, Yan Yuechun towed more than 200 meters, at this time, Yan Yuechun still firmly grasp the suspect, ferocious Liang again hit the direction, hit him on the guardrail, Yan said The head of spring hit heavily on the column, and finally was thrown away for several meters. Taking advantage of a gap, the criminal investigation team instructor Lin Hui will be hijacked from the child rescued from the car, Liang then drove away.

When Lin Hui found Yan Yuechun along the track and the notched guardrail, he was in a coma, blood-stained roadside grassland, His fingers were bending slightly, as if he wanted to catch something. Recalling scenes of the evening, the veteran criminal, who had worked for more than a decade, cried red-eyed again and again. If he had chosen to let go, there might have been nothing, but he held on so tightly. The more the suspect was thrown away, the tighter he grasped.

But it is precisely because of his perseverance and perseverance that he won a first-line vitality for rescue. In two minutes of contact with the suspect, Yan Yuechun has made a choice in his heart - never let go, never let the suspect escape.

Pursuit of life: to be a peoples policeman

If I could have persuaded him to be a teacher like me, it might not have happened. Yan Yuechuns uncle, Yan Zhi Chu, was sad. He is a physics teacher in the Middle School of Yuhuan, and is also the elders of the family who are most concerned about Yan Yuechuns studies.

In Yan Zhichus impression, Yan Yuechun is a clever and diligent child. I liked reading when I was young. At that time, Yan Yuechun had just finished his second year of junior high school. At that time, the school in his own village could not meet his needs, so he asked to transfer to the school in the town to continue studying.

From rural schools to the best junior high schools in the town, the basic gap is not so big, but Yan Yue-chun studied hard, quickly catching up, and became the classs top students. Yan Yuechuns science is very good, especially mathematics is particularly prominent, which also trains his superior reasoning ability of ordinary people.

Yan said that when he was in high school, he set his life goal and wanted to be a policeman. I have been a teacher all my life, so I also encourage Yan Yuechun to be a teacher, although there is no grand experience, but at least stable and worry-free, but he did not listen to me, high school graduated to enter the police school. Yan Zhichu asked him, whats good about being a policeman?

Yan Yuechun said at that time that he was good at sports and had a strong body with the basic conditions of being a policeman. Besides, he is outgoing, talkative and fond of making friends. Im better suited to go out and run around, and Im a hot-blooded man who wants to take part in the responsibility of protecting the country, so I chose to be a policeman.

Words are still in our ears.

Persist as one: never let a suspect escape.

From the remote police station in Yuhuan to the squadron directly under the Criminal Police Brigade, the Criminal Investigation Brigade, and the northern branch of the Criminal Science and Technology Department, few people, like Yan Yuechun, have been in the criminal investigation team for 19 years. Dry criminal police need talent to fight against all kinds of criminals. Compared with many of his comrades-in-arms, Yan Yuechun is not the most gifted one, but his integrity, perseverance and hard work are admired by everyone around him. Never let a criminal suspect escape from his own hands, which is a peoples police initiative and background color.

The clues were confused and it was difficult to verify. Yan Yuechun did not give up. After more than a months tossing and turning, he found that three suspected fraudsters had appeared at the bank teller machine in Kunming, and had no time to call for support. Yan Yuechun led the team to capture the three people together and took them back to Yuhuan on the day of the Dragon Boat Festival. When I saw him, my lips cracked. Dong Chenyou said.

Yan Yue-chun spent most of the year on business trips. Sometimes he went out for more than a month. He was a famous professional traveler in the police force. Since 2016, Yan Yuechun has participated in the investigation of more than 100 cases of communication network fraud, arrested more than 30 suspects, and saved more than 3 million losses for the masses. How did Lao Yan sacrifice himself? His memorial service, lets come! These two days, the provincial police who fought together have called Yuhuan Public Security Bureau to express their condolences.

Yan Yuechuns persistence, sometimes even makes people feel cute and honest. Wang Hui remembers that five years ago, when he and Yan Yuechun went to Nanning, Guangxi, to arrest the suspect, they collected a kilogram of gold stolen goods. There is no safe to deposit in the village. Yan Yuechun slept two nights with this bag of gold and often woke up in the middle of the night to feel if the gold in his arms is still there. Wang Hui laughed at him, but he said with a solemn face, Its hard-earned money. It must be sent back completely!

Careful investigation: a fingerprint is the key to solving a case

Speaking of a good brother and comrade-in-arms Yan Yuechun, Lin Hui, the instructor of the criminal investigation team, picked up the microphone several times and put it down in tears. He and Yan Yue-chun worked together for many years and had a deep feeling. He had a lot to say. But when the face of a good brother appeared in his mind, pain and sorrow blocked his throat.

He was the one who witnessed Yan Yuechuns accident that evening. While performing his task, he was separated from Yan Yuechun by a car. He saw the suspect driving his car and slamming Yan Yuechuns body into the green belt by the roadside. He saw Yan Yuechun fall unconscious after being hit and injured. Thats the best brother hes ever had in his career, and the eldest brother whos been taking care of him and the rest of the team.

He is a very careful person. Lin Hui said that although Yan Yue-chun was a big man, decisive and quick in his work, and always gave him the appearance of a tough criminal investigator, he was delicate and sensitive in his heart, and had strong logical reasoning ability, and always had a good performance in his work.

He is particularly meticulous on-site investigation, the success rate of evidence extraction is very high, every major case, he will be sent out, and always harvest. Yuhuan Municipal Public Security Bureau, Dong Chenyou, director of the joint logistics center, said.

In March 2016, a high-grade villa in Yuhuan was burgled. A households safe was sawed with a cutter and hundreds of thousands of property was stolen. The head of the household is absent all the year round. When he returns to find the robbery, he does not know how long it has happened and the investigation of the case is in a deadlock.

At that time, he analyzed, if the cutting machine made of steel safe, the noise will be very big, the neighboring residents can not be found, so the thieves must be borrowed from the nearby decoration, making a huge noise when muddy water fishing. Sure enough, according to Yan Yuechuns analysis, the squadron quickly found out the approximate time of the incident. Superposition of evidence, the suspect was quickly arrested.

Yan Yuechun is such a person, encounter new colleagues on business cases, he will be like parents, before departure to give them a thousand exhortations, even early check the weather conditions of the destination in the next few days, ready to come to a set of strategy, what clothes to wear, what to walk, and even how to reimburse after returning.

It is very easy for colleagues to go on a business trip with him. He will arrange all the necessary preparations in advance, including the plan and necessities of life. As long as we concentrate on the case, there is no need to worry about the rest. Colleagues say that Yan Yuechun is kind and easy to get into contact with the police everywhere, where there are acquaintances to help, always twice the result with half the effort.

In the heart of Wang Luying, a police officer who once followed Yan Yuechun as an intern, Big Brother Yan was the one who took her to the police on his own initiative. He would take time out of his busy schedule to instruct her carefully and benefit her a lot in her internship. He is a kind-hearted brother, thanks to him, let me in this strange city less sense of wandering...

Iron blood tenderness: the most reluctant to separate the hands of separation

The day had just dawned, and Xiaoxian, with her eyes swollen and crying, went to buy a piece of wheat cake and a bowl of tofu brain and put it in front of her fathers spirit. It was Yan Yue-chuns favorite breakfast before he was born. As soon as she turned around, the child was full of tears. For a 15-year-old child, everything came too suddenly.

The second day of my fathers absence, Monday, October 29th, Dad, I miss you. This is a friends circle secretly sent by Xiao Xian, but she does not want her mother to see it. When the night God was still, she hid in her study and turned over and over a composition she had written - I have a policemans father. The ink was dizzy with tears.

Iron and blood are tender, Yan Yue Chun is not willing to give up, nor is he most reluctant to let go of his relatives hands. Wife Chen Juhua silently folded up the blue police uniform for her husband and put it in the backpack that he used to live in. This is his usual favorite set of police uniforms, trousers and feet are worn out can not bear to throw away, when he left also let him take away. On the day of her husbands accident, she kept shouting her husbands name in the hospital, but he could not wake him up.

10 months ago, their second children were born in this hospital. He is worried about his work, his daughter will soon go to college, with two treasures can accompany me. Chen Juhua said.

Indeed, after more than 10 years of marriage, family members get together. On March 8, last year, after a full day of interrogation, Yan Yuechun went home to pick up his wife and went to the studio to fill up the wedding photos he owed his wife for 13 years.

After Erbao was born, Yan Yuechun took pictures and videotaped the two children whenever he had a chance. He said, Often traveling on business, the children will miss a lot of growing moments, more mobile phones, travel tired, look at their pictures, videos, and then tired will cheer up.

Today, he can no longer see his daughters lovely face to his coquettish, he has not even heard his son shouted a father.

[Yan Yue Chun life biography

Yan Yuechun, male, born in December 1978, took part in public security work in September 1999. He joined the Communist Party of China in February 2005. He has a degree in an on-the-job university. He is a member of Qinggang Town, Yuhuan City. He is a third-class police inspector and is now a member of the criminal investigation team of Yuhuan Public Security Bureau. Yan Yuechun graduated from Ningbo Peoples Police School in July 1999, worked in the Shamen Police Station of Yuhuan County Public Security Bureau from September 1999 to April 2004, worked in the squadron directly under the Criminal Law Department of Yuhuan County Public Security Bureau from April 2004 to March 2011, worked in the criminal investigation team of Yuhuan County Public Security Bureau from March 2011 to October 2013, and in October 2013. To May 2016 in Yuhuan County Public Security Bureau Criminal Science and Technology Department of the North Branch of Hong Kong, May 2016 to date in Yuhuan City Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Team. In the evening of October 27, 2018, he died heroically in the process of arresting suspects. Source: Taizhou public security editor: Ji Xue Ying _NN6784

Yan Yuechun, male, born in December 1978, took part in public security work in September 1999. He joined the Communist Party of China in February 2005. He has a degree in an on-the-job university. He is a member of Qinggang Town, Yuhuan City. He is a third-class police inspector and is now a member of the criminal investigation team of Yuhuan Public Security Bureau.