Farewell to Jin Yong, farewell to rivers and lakes.

 Farewell to Jin Yong, farewell to rivers and lakes.

At this point, the end of an era, a generation of chivalry broken dreams.

Although in China, the death of an old man after the age of 90 is called a happy funeral, according to Mr. Chalaos son, the old man walks peacefully without suffering.

But the dead are already alive, and the living is sad.

Many celebrities have expressed their mourning for the elderly through microblogging, such as Li Ruotong, Chen Xiaochun, Su Youpeng, Hu Jun, Nie Yuan, Guo Xiang, Yang Bian and so on.

The 97 edition of dragon eight.

Jin Yongs martial arts novels are so powerful that they are full of imagination and different reality. The great move of Qian and Kun, Ling Bos Micro steps, the eight wastes of Liuhe, the pride of ones work, the poison of thousands of spiders... It always makes people wonder how Jin Yong can think of these strange martial arts moves. According to the old man, this is probably genius.

Brigitte Lin, the pride of the East

The wizard of The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber

Liu Yifei, the 06 edition of the divine carving heroes

However, the magic of martial arts is not a powerful role, it will only make people feel empty. Carefully pondering, Jin Yongs martial arts for everyone is related to their character.

Duan Yus nature is mild, and he hates to kill and kill. Ling Bos tiny step on foot soles is suitable.

The old urchin is naturally fond of playing, and likes to study.

Golden Lion King Xie Xuns personality is extremely impulsive, practicing seven injury boxing for revenge, practicing seven injuries, hurting others and hurting himself.

Because of the simplicity of mind, Shi Po can learn the secrets of Tai Xuan and learn the supreme martial arts.

Every character created by Jin Yong has flesh and blood. In his later works, he portrayed such anti-hero characters as Ling Huchong and Wei Xiaobao to express his understanding of complex human nature.

Jackie Lui version of Linghu Chong

Jordan Chan, the 98 edition of Lu Ding Ji, Wei Xiaobao

Jin Yongs novels have a wide audience. He absorbs nourishment from the old chapters, catalogues poetry, and writes words in vernacular. It is a perfect combination of the classical beauty of Chinese traditional literature and the modern, more joking, but not less serious beauty. Jin Yong is good at describing martial arts scenes. He writes well on group plays such as the siege of Guangming Ding, the decisive battle of Jiaxing Yanyulou and the riot of gathering Xianzhuang.

In addition, in a swordsman novel, he rarely grasps the delicate feelings of little love.

In the laughing stock of rivers and lakes, he wrote Linghu Chongs affection for his younger sister, and he poked into the softest part of the heart.

Suddenly, there was silence everywhere. Thousands of people gathered outside the temple. There were at least two or three thousand Orthodox medievals on the hillside and at the foot of the mountain. No one spoke out. Some wanted to speak, and they were also frightened by the silence. It seems that only snowflakes are heard on the leaves and grass, giving out a gentle and unusual voice. Linghu Chong thought in his mind: what does little teacher and sister do at this time?

Tianlong Babu Xiao Fengs feelings for Aju, Aju is Aju, all over the world, thousands of generations, only one Aju. Is it possible that a thousand and ten thousand Han women and beautiful women could take the place of it?The affection of a heroic man was written with such a melancholy feeling.

Zhang Jizhongs edition of eight dragons

Zhou Zhiruo, who married Song Qingshu in The Story of Slaughtering Dragons by Heaven, attended the Lion Slaughter Convention at Shaolin Temple and met Zhang Wuji again.

The 03 edition of The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber.

Zhou Zhiruo sneered, We used to have a marriage contract, but my husbands life is on the verge of death, and today I didnt hurt your life. Others surely say that I still love you. If I invite you to help me, everyone in the world will curse me for not having any sense of shame. Zhang Wuji said urgently, we only need to have a clear conscience. What do others say? If I have a guilty conscience, Zhou said.

A rhetorical question expressed the delicate feelings of the little girl.

Not to mention the absolutely romantic reading of the Sculpture of Chivalrous Men, in the Valley of Desperation and Yang Guo reunion, the Little Dragon said to the Gongsun Valley Lord: I said the surname Liu is deceiving you, my surname is Long. For his surname Yang, I said surname Liu. After seeing it, he only felt that his job was not guaranteed.

The 95 edition of the divine eagle.

In addition, Jin Yongs works break through the pattern of knight-errant by transmitting the values to readers and audiences.

The struggle of peoples desire for power in Xiaoao Jianghu makes Fox Chong want to retreat from the rivers and lakes, but he is forced to sink into them. Where there are people, there are rivers and lakes. People are rivers and lakes.

Jin Yong believes that the obsession with power and the involuntary pursuit of the political world are the pursuit of people in any background of the times. Therefore, Xiaoao Jianghu does not set a specific background of the times.

Guo Jings Refutation of Gen Gi Khans heroic theory is behind the anti war implication.

Tie Mu Zhen Lai Ma looked around: Jing Er, I have built a great power. Who do you think is ancient and modern heroes? Guo Jing meditated for a moment: The sweat is magnificent, but the world does not know how many white bones accumulated, how many orphans and widows shed tears. A hero comes from himself. He must be the one who helps the people and loves the people. In my opinion, killing many people is not necessarily a hero.

The 97 edition of dragon eight.

In The Sculpture of Chivalrous Men, Guo Jing explains to Yang what a real hero is - for the country and the people, the great chivalrous man. This is exactly the spirit of chivalry that Jin Yong has always advocated, sacrificing himself and contributing to society.

Zhou Botong discussed with Guo Jing in the cave of Taohua Island what revenge and the width and breadth of life were. Such a philosophical meaning is the essence of the quintessence of Taoism.

Zhou Bo Channel: His enemies were forty or fifty years old, and after more than forty years apart, will not all of them die then? Ha-ha, in fact, he didnt have to worry about breaking the law at all, studying any martial arts, only to compete with these enemies for a long life. More than 40 years later, God himself will collect all his enemies on behalf of him.

People often say that they want to know a writers inner world and see his works. So did Jin Yong.

Chen Jialuo, the protagonist of his first book, book and sword, has his own shadow. Like Chen Jialuos noble and elegant conversation, Jin Yong is also well known for his poetry.

He was originally named Charles Liang Yong, born in Haining, Zhejiang in 1924. Charles is a prominent family in Haining. He has been the 7 Jinshi and 5 Hanlin. Jin Yongs family tree also has many celebrities, including Qian Xuesen, the famous poet Xu Zhimo, Mu Dan, the writer Qiong Yao all has the relations with him.

When Jinyong was born, Chas family had 3,600 mu of land and hundreds of tenants, so Cha Shuqing, Jinyongs father, was an absolute landlord. He had the opportunity to touch all kinds of books from urination. Once, his father took him to fly a kite, and in a twinkling of an eye, he disappeared and hurried to look for it. Finally, he was found in the study, reading a book with interest.

In Jin Yongs works, disciples are often expelled by the Master because they do not want to follow the old customs, such as Xuzhu in Tianlong Babu and Ling Huchong in Xiaoao Jianghu.

Jin Yong himself had also been dropped out of school for the two time.

The first time in high school, when he was the director of teaching was a strict excess of the people, after class students playing Go he did not allow, more often without reason to scold the students, the mouth is still shouting I call you never surpass the students, the students have a lot of objections to him. Jin Yong couldnt stand his style, so in one issue of the wall paper, he wrote an article called Alices Roaming Notes: Miss Alice came to the campus and suddenly saw a colorful spectacle snake running around, stretching its poisonous tongue, spraying poison juice, and bluffing out wild words, threatening students: I told you never to exceed life.... The students and the teachers all know that Jin Yong is ironically instructing the director. He has lost face. He is so angry that he runs to the headmaster to report and demands that Jin Yong be expelled.

It can be seen from this that although Jin Yong likes reading, he is by no means a cowardly scholar, but is born with a rebellious style of work rather than his own novels written by the chivalrous people roared.

His character is also like the character of a hero in the novel, free from restraint and bold and unconstrained. Although he always had the dream of being a diplomat, he failed to achieve it.

Later, someone said to Jin Yong, luckily you didnt become a diplomat at that time. Jin Yong was also deeply convinced that he was too lazy to be used to it. When a diplomat wanted to be tactful, he might go today and be opened tomorrow. At work in the Ta Kung Pao, the leader urged him to do something, he did not like it, so he simply went out for a walk, anyway, the manuscript as long as the time limit press on it.

In Jin Yongs works, chivalrous men tend to insist on righteousness and hate fraud. They stand firm and fight to the end with those so-called celebrities.

Shaolin faction and other mistakenly killed Xiao Fengs parents but decided to cover up the truth, Zhang Wujie with one person against the six factions, bear the stigma of being called devil religion.

In reality, Jin Yong is not afraid of power. After graduation, he became editor of Ta Kung Pao and was sent to work in Hongkong. However, after years of working in the bulletin, he found that the fairest and most just newspapers began to tell lies, which did not conform to his journalistic ideals. So he resigned indignantly and decided to set up a newspaper Ming Pao which could really speak for intellectuals and dare to tell the truth.

Jin Yong was very talented in business. When he was 15 years old, he and two young friends wrote a reference book on exams, which was a great success. The book is sold in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. It was through this money that Jin Yong finished the middle school and paid the college tuition.

Therefore, he did not hesitate in creating the Ming Pao.

At first, Ming Pao had no fame, and attracted readers by Jin Yongs martial arts novels. Later, Jin Yong began to write social commentary, insisting on a Daily editorial and a novel series.

Editorial 800 words, 1100 novels, add up to almost 2000 words, this is the hard work of iron every day. Sometimes a friend comes to him for dinner. He has to finish the two things first.

Gradually, Ming Pao was known for its daring and dare to speak. Someone even sent the bomb to his desk, and the secretary called the police to set off a bomb in the street. According to Jin Yongs words, if you are afraid, your heart will still be afraid, but you cant ride a tiger.

Jin Yong once said that the best love in his stories is loyal, unique and impossible.

This also makes Jin Yong regret so far. It can only be said that no one is perfect, the novel is surrounded by a variety of sisters Duan Yu and remember Aunt Yang Guo for 16 years, probably is Mr. Jin Yongs emotional life pain tangle.

Jin Yong mentioned his last wish that someone will read his works in the next one hundred or two hundred years. Although we can not predict the future of life, but in the 1960s and 1970s to write the works, but now can only be happy to say, over and over again remade into film and television works, shows the charm of Jin Yongs works.

As he said, as long as people are connected with people, the spirit of chivalry will never die. The spirit of loyalty, benevolence, filial piety and dedication conveyed in his works will only become more and more precious as the wheel of history moves forward.

Lo and behold, these clouds gather and gather, scattered and scattered, and life is separated and restored.

In his irreplaceable youth, Jin Yong unfolded his pictures of rivers and lakes, which shaped our character, changed the way we looked at the world, and left only memories as companions. People say that Jin Yongs discontent is also a pity for his lost youth.

Heroes and heroic two alike, the children of rivers and lakes decrease.

Heart is still there, people go, looking back at a storm.

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