A university in Sichuan now has a credit fee of 200 yuan per student, which is high cost recharge School: compliance.

 A university in Sichuan now has a credit fee of 200 yuan per student, which is high cost recharge School: compliance.

The screenshots posted by the leakers showed that the cost of major courses in art major was 200 yuan / credit, and that of major courses and public courses in general major was 180 yuan / credit. Some students said that they needed to pay thousands of yuan for repair.

This has sparked heated debate among many netizens and sent micro-blogs hot search to the high price fixing fee.

On October 31, Xie Xiaodong, head of the Propaganda Department of Sichuan Film Academy, told Peng Mei News that the schools fees for the high tuition fees posted on the Internet were in line with the regulations. One of the original purposes of raising the tuition fees was to urge students to study hard.

In addition, a number of students in the school also recently reported to the Peng Mei news, in addition to the renovation fee, the school also charges higher water and electricity fees, in addition to television use and viewing fees, car driving training fees, compulsory filling card and other questions.

Xie Xiaodong said that these fees are also within the prescribed scope. Students can discuss further with the school through dialogues and seminars between teachers and students set up in the school. They can also report to the Department of education, the Ministry of Education and other school authorities. After collecting opinions, the school will also hold talks with relevant student representatives and collect them. The fee is explained according to the actual situation.

Respondents showed Peng Chao News the Notice of Renewal Payment issued by counselors in the class two days ago. This picture is for interviewees.

Students Tucao high fees for repair.

School: in order to supervise students, comply with the regulations.

According to the notice, all students who have passed the supplementary examination must take the supplementary examination. If they fail to pass the supplementary examination, they must take the re-examination. The fee for re-registration is 200 yuan / credit for the professional courses of the arts major, 180 yuan / credit for the professional courses of the general majors and 180 yuan / credit for the public courses.

Another student of the school, Chen Ping (pseudonym), also said that he had three courses to be rebuilt, totaling 6 credits. The cost of recharging is 1140 yuan, which is a little expensive. Chen Ping said.

For students, Tucaos high cost repair fee, 31 days, Xie Xiaodong, director of the Propaganda Department of Chuan Ying college, responded to the surging news. The school charges that the repair fee is based on the Ministry of educations national development and Reform Commissions Ministry of finances notice on doing a good job in charging the higher education institutions in 2005. It points out that after the change to the credit system, schools can charge tuition fees for students who fail to pass the make-up examination and need to re-learn the course. The tuition standard should not exceed the original cost standard for learning the course, so that students can complete the re-study course on time and according to the quality.

Xie Xiaodong said that the fee was changed from 200 yuan per subject to credits because the school was previously a secondary college of Sichuan Normal University, which began to issue degrees independently in 2018, so some of the system standards were adjusted. According to the total school fees divided by credits, the average down to about 400 yuan per credit, patch is charged according to its half of the fee, meet the standard. And one of the original intention of raising refunds is to urge students to study diligently and increase their binding force. There may be unreasonable situations in fees, and students can discuss with them.

Contents of the tuition manual provided by the students interviewed

Many fees were tucking by students.

Schools: there are doubts that can be reflected.

Similarly, some students of Sichuan Academy of photography feel that it is not reasonable that there are other utilities such as water and electricity charges in dormitories.

Our dorm room has to pay more than 100 per month. Another school student Huang Huang (a pseudonym) regrets, the cost of water and electricity is really expensive.

Many students in this school have Tucao on the Internet. In this regard, Wang Acceptable Peng Mei news interview, said that the school dormitory water and electricity charges include the public area of electricity allocation fees, each dormitory to share balconies, corridors, corridors and downstairs Street lights, the specific calculation is not very clear.

At the beginning of the school, we paid 400 yuan for driving training. Everyone had to pay, and those who had learned to drive had to pay. Jin Ming, a freshman who just entered this semester, told Peng Mei Shimbun on the 26th, But the school has not mentioned it until now, nor has it trained.

In the column of Standard Ways of Payment Items in Jin Mings Manual for Freshmen of Grade 2018, the Auto Driving Training Fee 400 Yuan is indeed marked.

Li Jin (not his real name), a junior at the university, said: The automobile driving training fee is charged to freshmen this year.

There are also TV usage and viewing fees. Even if we didnt watch TV, the use of television and the cost of viewing would not be returned to us. Jin Ming said. Chen Ping also said: We (dormitory) have never turned on the TV, nor to get the remote control, but still have to charge for this TV.

In addition, Kim Ming also reflects that the school will force every freshman to charge 1000 yuan for a meal card, and thereafter 500 yuan for each school year.

In response to studentsdoubts about other school charges, Xie Xiaodong, director of the Propaganda Department of Sichuan Film Academy, said that if students have any doubts about other school charges such as water and electricity fees, they can reflect their views to the school through such channels and platforms as dialogues, teacher-student seminars and so on. The student representatives will conduct a discussion and explain the basis and truth of the tuition fees. However, schools must not allow students to express their emotions through irrational abuse on social networks.

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