The child drug was sold out many months ago, but it is still selling.

 The child drug was sold out many months ago, but it is still selling.

As a childrens star drug, it was cancelled by the State Administration of drug control in June this year. But many hospitals and maternity and child care centers are still open to their children.

This star drug for children has been cancelled.

The main components of Aichang pseudoephedrine and dextromethorphan hydrobromide, dextromethorphan belongs to the central antitussive drugs, mainly used to relieve cough symptoms. But cough may also inhibit the central nervous system, thereby inhibiting the risk of respiratory and asphyxia.

As early as in 2012, Jill Mei Mei pharmacist issued a message that it is not recommended for children under two years of age to use such drugs.

At present, the attitude of the international mainstream academia to this kind of cough medicine is also consistent and clear: under the age of 6 is not recommended to use, under the age of 4 is not recommended to use.

However, in June of this year, the State Food and drug administration has written off AI Chang. On June 1, 2018, the CFDA of the State Drug Administration officially announced the cancellation of the registration certificate of the Common Drug Name: Aichang of pseudoephedrine drops for children.

Many hospitals are still selling after being cancelled.

Recently, media reports reported that many kindergartens in Guangzhou were still using AI Chang. The production date shown on drugs is April 8, 2018.

A Guangzhou parent said:

I also saw kindergarten kids using AI Chang today. Actually, in early September, my child cold (Guangzhou) city woman and child also gave me this medicine, but I did not dare to use. I know that this medicine has a bad reputation. At that time, when the doctor was in Kai Aichang, Liu Ting had expressed her own questions, but the doctor did not answer positively, vague words, only that it was a cold medicine.

I said no, no, the doctor said. This is a cold medicine. If you want your child to eat earlier or better, Therefore, I did not say more, took the prescription, did not pay the money, directly left the hospital.

If the doctor gives you back, please take the initiative to say no!

At present, it is necessary to confirm whether the production batch number of AI Chang production in the market is produced before the announcement (June 1, 2018). If it is produced before the announcement, the hospital is not responsible for it. It is not illegal and illegal, because before the announcement comes into effect, the relevant approval number is valid, the product is still legal medicine, the hospital sells without violation and illegal.

If the batch number of drugs purchased by the patient is after the announcement date, that is, after May 31, 2018, then these batches of drugs are no longer medicines, the hospital sales in the name of drugs can be regarded as selling counterfeit drugs, the worst is against the rules.

Traditionally, when a drug is cancelled, the hospital should return to the original channel rather than continue to sell it. This is the practice, but there seems to be no relevant national provisions for mandatory provisions.

Therefore, hospitals can not sell such products after the announcement date. Other channels can not be, as long as the sale, it can be regarded as illegal.

However, Tang Weihong, director of the three wards of Hangzhou Childrens Hospital, said that the cancellation of approval documents for compound cold medicines such as Aichang does not mean that the medicines themselves are a problem, but that safety concerns are taken into account.

The United States does not recommend children under 2 years of age. The most important reason is that there is no evidence of clinical trials. The difference between regions, races and individual patients can not kill a drug. Of course, the concern about the composition is right, if it is less than six months of infants and usually weak, repeated pneumonia children do not recommend children when the cold parents to buy some cold medicine to take, should be promptly consulted a doctor, under the guidance of a doctor treatment is more safe, so as not to delay the illness. Tang Weihong thinks.

How does darling catch a cold?

In recent years, the state has revised the drug instructions.

Most of them involve the contents of childrens caution or prohibition.

Please accept this blacklist.

If the doctor prescribes this medicine to your child, please say no on your own initiative! If there is still this medicine in the family, it is better not to give it to your child again!

If the doctor prescribe this medicine to your child,

Please take the initiative to say no!

If you have this medicine in your family,

Also best not to give children to take!